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Seems to be a big week in Canada for announcing some of the solutions ($$$) for the psyOps. One of the many purposes of these is urban renewal or land clears.

We saw it in Oklahoma City, World Trade Center, Joplin, MO tornado, to name a few.

The province of Quebec says construction on a new commercial centre in Lac-Megantic will begin in early September.

100 businesses hope to be back in operation by the end of the year as part of a plan that includes a bridge across the Chaudiere river, a park to commemorate the disaster and a temporary rail line.

0;The municipality, with the Ministry of Transport will build this temporary link and consider constructing a permanent railway line, but we have to continue the study about this issue,” said Premier Pauline Marois.

The provincial government will spend $16 million to rebuild Lac-Megantic, money that was already announced for this project several weeks ago.

Marois says no dangerous materials will be transported on the temporary line.

Meanwhile the mayor of Lac-Megantic, Colette Roy-Laroche, said at this point she does not know when decontamination of the Red Zone, the most-damaged area in town, will even begin.

It appears that area will remain off-limits to the public at least until next summer.

via Province spending $16 million on new city centre for Lac-Megantic | CTV Montreal News.

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