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Malcolm X

Cover of Malcolm X

Fascinating postulation from Hoi Polloi on MLK et al, on how those that control us may sell a public figure on an exit strategy. Some may even ask for the exit themselves. Essentially it’s the same old story: take the lead or the gold. Who’s going to go for the lead? Even though I think was promoted from the top, perhaps they often get uppity and start believing the illusion that they are in control. Anyone, whether promoted or random, that bumps against the top, will have some serious decisions to make.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cover of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King knew his stuff was coming to a head. He knew there were people really meaning to kill him. Malcolm X was already taken care of and that was because he was not only powerful, but he was turning to the powerful peace movement if you believe Hailey‘s biography. So the potential for being effective was meaning death to those crucial activists of the 60’s successfully beating back the terrible propaganda machine at work.

So the King family decided to kill him themselves. To try to control the legacy, to make a lasting impression and so the government couldn’t character assassinate him, etc. In other words, they needed to make him a martyr fast, before the death-propaganda machine swooped in. They needed to forever cement the true importance of the Dream and they felt that pre-empting a plot to destroy him would be the best way to stop the shadow government from undoing him. Putting out the fire before it happens. Hence, fire extinguisher being needed/not needed. The reflection remaining. In other words, the dream preserved. The performance of the disappearing firebrand that was the great Doctor/Reverend King.

So they faked his death, with help, and scurried away to control the legacy from behind the scenes. (If this is a proven possibility, could it possibly be what happened with Michael Jackson as well? And perhaps the real McCartney was similar – wishing to live a quiet peaceful life in the country and escape the Beatlemania. This would also gave the opportunity to train with the real and learn things about him better than a mere collective memory could.)

Just as a President has doppelgängers, so the celebrity activist movement folks were learning how to use similar services. Perhaps all of this can be sort of “purchased” from the intelligence industry given the right connections and the right price? Perhaps this also explains JFK’s seemingly faked/prepared-for “death”. Perhaps the reason MLK had a similar ambition was because did it so well, pulled it off successfully, and proved it could be done, and whoever is doing this kind of service who sold the Kennedy family on the idea (to preserve the Kennedy legacy before scandal undid such pivotal moments in the nation’s history) also did so for the Kings?

Could it also be that this ‘preserving of legacy’ might be a kind of ‘offer one can’t refuse’ and there has been a public relations struggle to retain the heroic stories of these pseudo-martyrs later? A battle between liberal and conservative forces in the media, both using it as a weapon powered by money and influence?

This may be a bit generous to the folks involved, but I am always occasionally willing to give some benefit of the doubt as long as it still covers the facts we learn from photo/video forensics and acknowledge that it’s all merely speculation beyond that.

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2 thoughts on “Preservation of Legacy

  1. aybesea

    MLK was a communist fraud. The whole civil rights movement was a joke. Look into this pervert MLK before praising him.. He was a puppet for the usury rulers of the world. Destroying white culture for his puppet masters. This guy is a sick memory that is praised. Since this history we have of him officially paints him as a saint. So we know by past leaders and figure heads usually the exact opposite is the truth about them.

    1. ab Post author

      Tell us what you really think! I’m not sure who or where MLK came from. Was he grassroots or astroturf? Did he start off small and get promoted to the top from the top? Was his primary goal to encourage peace, no war in Vietnam, only to be removed and written out of the script, to tell people that peace isn’t possible so don’t get your hopes up?

      “Communist” is a term I wish to explore. Since it connotes something worse than “Nazi”, what exactly does it stand for? We are told they are the enemy, but what exactly is a communist? To me, it’s a generic term that the word “terrorist” has since replaced as the new devil word.


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