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Showtime: Saturday, August 31, 2013 9:11pm

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Clint of realitybloger.wordpress.com/ will join us. Robin Fisher is also going to be around to chime in.

Nowadays it seems that conspiracies are around every corner, with organized crime in government rampant before our very eyes. The media reports much of this to the people, but only in the context of information awareness and not solutions to the problems or punishment for the crimes revealed.



prion (Listeni/?pri??n/[1]) in the Scrapie form (PrPSc) is an infectious agent composed ofprotein in a misfolded form.[2] This is the central idea of the Prion Hypothesis, which remains debated.[3] This would be in contrast to all other known infectious agents (virus/bacteria/fungus/parasite) which must contain nucleic acids (either DNARNA, or both). The word prion, coined in 1982 by Stanley B. Prusiner, is derived from the words protein and infection

Definition of NOVEL

: new and not resembling something formerly known or used

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9 thoughts on “ep58-Clint Richardson

  1. aybesea

    this should be good, his blog is great. will interesting to hear this robin person, try and convince everyone it’s the papacy or Jesuits doing all this to us, again.. I’ve seen his youtube channel and heard a few calls with him. He seems nice and I mean ZERO disrespect. Seems most Christians/ Born again fall into that mind set.


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