I smell a movie

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Space artists are busy this week. What will come first: people realizing that and the whole space nonsense is fiction or ? Space stuff has the benefit of catching children’s imaginations from a very young age. Hence, I say that it’s a hoax far deeper entrenched and will be nearly impossible to remove from the hoax files in the subconscious. Ditto for .

By contrast, anyone under 20 doesn’t have a clue about 9/11. Since the future belongs to the children, it’s the children who get the biggest dose of mind control and fakery and they’re the ones who really need to be taught critical thinking early and often.

The 0;olds” are a lost cause, sad to say.

Back to the colored caterpillars – very child friendly…are those legs I see?

Hubble telescope spots ‘cosmic caterpillar’ that’s six TRILLION miles long, formed  by harsh winds from some of our hottest stars

The protostar is located 4,500 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus

via ‘Cosmic caterpillar’ spotted by Hubble telescope that’s 6 TRILLION miles long | Mail Online.



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