Syria conflict staged and Dvorak notices

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John and Adam are edging closer to all out for most worldwide promoted events. Fun to watch.

News Apparently Staged by CNN to Promote War in Syria « Dvorak News Blog.


2 thoughts on “Syria conflict staged and Dvorak notices

  1. aybesea

    I’m surprised anyone still listens to these two douche bags.. Yet another duo SELLING truth.. for me anybody charging, is a fraud, end of story in my book. You may not realize just how big a celebrity this Curry is in the Netherlands. He is HUGE… I listened to these guys or a month and split.. these two are morons with huge connections. Not a good combo..hahah

    1. ab Post author

      Ya they make good money doing it too. I do like JC, as I have agreed with his writing for years and years. I’m not diametrically opposed to people trying to make a living. We do have to eat and survive in the system, so I’m not sure I would call that selling truth. What’s the alternative?

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