How ’bout s’more official JFK pap?

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You critical thinkers are so damn unhelpful.

Conspiracy theories have been unhelpful in the search for truth in the assassination of President Kennedy, it was claimed today by the director of a new film on the subject. Parkland, written and directed by Peter Landesman, has been made to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s death in Dallas in 1963, and details events between Friday November, when Kennedy was gunned down, to Monday 25 when both Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald were buried.

Fakeologist position: was an elaborate hoax. There is really no proof or reason to believe he was even killed. We rely on 0;video” evidence, similar to 9/11. 50 years later, we still have of the official story, in this case a movie. If there is any hope of breaking the lock, people will have to simply chip away and non-fakeologists and let them know they are being mocked by those that pull off these stunts.

Perhaps they won’t like knowing they’re being mocked.

via Parkland: JFK conspiracy theories muddy the water, says director | Film |

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