Psychic driving of crashing planes

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Cranking up the lame-stream media’s triggers for 9/11.

Why Planes Crash Video – Watch Why Planes Crash Tonight!.

I listened to this clip, and couldn’t help hearing all the occultic numbers:

  • tanks had 81,000 lbs of fuel (9)
  • 3 holds, totaling 77 minutes (19,29,29mins)
  • cleared to land at 9:
  • flight 52 (7), cleared to land at 3000 feet
  • at 9:34 (7), begins to crash

…that’s all the clip had. For more of this most likely fictive event, here’s wickedpedia:…

Avianca Flight 52 was a regularly scheduled flight from Bogotá to New Yorkvia Medellín, Colombia. On Thursday January 25, 1990, a Boeing 707-321Bregistered as HK-2016 operating this flight, crashed into the village ofCove NeckLong Island, New York after out of fuel. 8 of the 9 crew members and 65 of the 149 passengers on board were killed.[1]

h/t Incredulous from our

I haven’t looked into all plane crashes that every happened, but you have to ask how many of the heavily promoted ones were real.

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