The real false flag from 9/11

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The stories about the movie are endless. We know here that they’re all fiction, the purpose of which is to drive home the meme that 9/11 is an actual event that actually happened. While everyone is jamming their brains with lies, they could be inquiring as to whether any of the story is true. This story is simply another example of psychic driving.

Of course, the answer to this false story is that if this flag existed at all 0;in the thread”, and not a cgi image, then they could probably find it in the prop department somewhere.

The flag that three weary New York City firefighters hoisted above the wreckage of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 became an instant icon when a photo capturing the moment was published around the world and turned it into a symbol of the nation’s resilience after the shocking attacks.


false flag

via 9/11 flag: CNN documentary reveals flag from famous photograph has been missing 12 years | Mail Online.

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