Is this story a hoax of a hoax of a hoax?

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The only thing I believe is there is a building that we are told is a nuclear power plant. Everything else about this story is most likely fake:

An unemployed computer techie who sent police on “a wild goose chase” by fabricating evidence of a plot to attack a nuclear power plant near Toronto has been convicted of committing a terrorist hoax.

A forensic investigation of his computer found holes in his story and he was arrested on Feb 11, 2011. The Ontario Integrated National Security Enforcement Team spent seven months on the investigation.

  • the story of him making up the hoax is probably fake, and the perp himself may not even exist
  • was no doubt a fake story from the past: The Pickering plant was already on high alert for terrorism following the case of the Toronto 18, Canadian Islamist extremists who plotted bombings in southern Ontario in 2006, claiming they opposed Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan.
  • nuclear power itself is a hoax, so there is never any danger of anything happening to the contents of the plant

via Unemployed techie created fake evidence of terror plot to attack nuclear plant in attempt to get a job, judge says | National Post.

Interesting name used in this likely fake story: Charest – past premier of Quebec. Story also mentions that most of the terror 0;hoaxes” emanated from Quebec.…

0;This increase was largely because of an unusually high number of hoax terrorism incidents, most of which occurred in Quebec during the student demonstrations in the Spring of 2012,” the agency writes.

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