Let’s think about this taser story

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Does this story make any sense? A good fake story always has precious few details and paints a vague picture. Why would I question a simple taser story?

  • no names – are arrests public or not? in police states, no names or circumstances are released. Is Canada a police state?
  • what person is out walking around at 3:30am?
  • what 80 year old woman is out walking alone (at 3:30am)
  • why were there 3 police officers? Don’t they travel in pairs at night? do they have names? all SIU investigations release names
  • why would anyone need to taze an old woman? a firm grip would probably be enough to injure her

Ontario’s police watchdog is investigating an incident in which they say an 80-year-old woman suffered a fractured hip after she was struck by police with a Taser.

Special Investigations Unit spokeswoman Monica Hudon said three Peel region police officers approached the woman around 3:30 a.m. last Wednesday as she was walking along a road in Mississauga.

via Ontario woman, 80, suffers fractured hip after being struck with police Taser – Winnipeg Free Press.

What exactly is the taser agenda in Ontario? They fake a shooting and get them ordered a week later. Now we are told they are dangerous and hurt old ladies. Why the conflict?

Like all good , we have to sit quiet and wait for the solution.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s think about this taser story

  1. lux

    Police used to use clubs and “choke holds” to beat up citizens until the media “criticized” this (via Rodney King and other psyops), paving the way for “solutions” which include today’s tasers.

    Now the media (and ACLU) are “criticizing” tasers, so I presume they have something “better” in mind to replace them.

    Like this, perhaps?

    In any case, I think it’s usually a safe bet that when the media yaps about something being bad it is because they want to introduce something else as a “solution” which will later become the next problem … and so on and so on.

    1. ab Post author

      Thing is, we haven’t even taken delivery of our tasers. We are always years behind the US, but with NAFTA, we are catching up fast in every way, including psyops and hoaxes.

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