Suzuki gone bazuki

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You need a conspiracy to go to court, and a theory to prove your case. So you are a if you’re the crown or defense, by definition.

David Suzuki says the evidence is overwhelming that man is causing global warming, so we’re crazy to question it. He then goes on that he doesn’t have enough time to disprove that governments and their globalized intelligence agencies , along with globalized corporations, could possibly work together to harm the population.

Hello Mr. Pot? It’s me Mr. Kettle calling YOU black. The best way to deflect attention from your weak argument is to reflect criticism right back at the accusers. How unscientific of you, Dr.

For the record, I am not a chemtrailer. I am aware that the military has tools to try and control the weather, and has demonstrated that successfully. I have never believed in the global warming hoax. I’ve always seen it as a back door for a global currency with a massive transfer or wealth via resources away from the West.

I always like Suzuki since he was introduced as the resident TV scientist into schools in the 70s and 80s. It’s clear to me he’s a bought and paid for shill. It’s not easy to be a TV scientist and NOT be.

David Suzuki: Conspiracies fuel climate change denial and belief in chemtrails | Georgia Straight.

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    1. ab Post author

      No evidence where I’m at. I’ve worked and lived around the busiest airport in Canada for years. Worst I see and smell is avgas.


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