That’s a wrap on the Cleveland Hoax

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Another made-for-CNN character killed off, just like in any of your favorite TV shows. Don’t expect any more news on this quickly wrapped hoax. Wonder why they’re not putting more of these sim-monsters in to the simSupermax prison in Colorado. A sim prison never should run out of space.

Ariel Castro, the Cleveland man sentenced last month to life in prison for holding three women captive in his home for a decade, was found hanging in his prison cell on Tuesday night after apparently committing suicide, officials said. He was later declared dead at the hospital.

Mr. Castro, 53, was found hanging in his cell at the Correctional Reception Center in Orient, Ohio, at 9:20 p.m.,

via Man Who Held Ohio Women Captive Is Found Dead –

We don’t have to go into the absurdity of the story of the death. Perhaps it’s to mock you, perhaps it’s just quickly written. In the end it’s all just noise to defile your subconscious. Return to your regularly scheduled , news at 11.

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5 thoughts on “That’s a wrap on the Cleveland Hoax

  1. Blue Moon

    I made the mistake of telling some FB friends this was a follow up hoax to the past main event while they were wringing their hands and rending their garments about the abuse this sim Castro must have had as a kid, etc- And one of these friends is a mental health professional(!)- The levels of resistance to critical discourse are so deeply programmed it is, at times, breathtaking- Shrinks, like economists, are truly the new bishops of the secular church called science- A church that is just as blinded by magical thinking and insular logic as the old religiousists were, to coin a term-

    1. ab Post author

      Yes time to make some calls. Wonder if one could ever get a straight answer. Are people in certain positions paid to lie as part if their job description?

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