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Bruce Cockburn on 9/11

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Never considered myself a fan of left wing folk types, but that was in my pre-aware days. Now everything is different, and wings are just dividers of people.

Advance to 32:22 of this video to see Bruce mention 9/11.

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Ps: please send clips of celeb(s)(utards) talking about 9/11

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Another CT hit piece

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As 9/11 approaches, the shills are out warning of the dangers of thinking for oneself. I made a comment…you should too! It might even get published (watch for ghosting).

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. Thanks to the CIA and those that made it a pejorative, I have invented a new name: fakeologist.

I study media fakery. I let the reader make his own conclusions. Mine indicate that there is rampant manufacturing of news as entertainment by the same process.

Incidentally, a conspiracy is required in order to bring a charge and therefore a case to court. To prove or disprove the the case, a theory must be established.

Therefore, all those involved in the law are conspiracy theorists. Does that make them kooks too?

Your article did nothing to move me from my position that 9/11, NASA, and nuclear are all frauds. Pity thinking people get scared by articles like yours before investigating for themselves.

For every major event, there is usually a theory that argues it was due to a conspiracy. Conspiracy theories are seemingly more popular than ever, so how do supposedly rational people get caught in their tangled webs?

via Conspiracy theories: the science behind belief in secret plots | Dean Burnett | Science | theguardian.com.

Update: 16:00h

Here’s another really weak conspiracy piece on Christians: www.salon.com/2013/09/05/10_we…

Another one saying Syria “truthers” are nuts:


They’re really cranking up the anti-conspiracy stuff with 9/11 coming this week.

Killing the Kennedy Kandy

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Listened to down-to-earth type Dave McGowan on Uncle Fetzer today. The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: Dave McGowan. Dave sounds like a great guy and said something very interesting that I’ve also been thinking about:

What he said was Kennedy was given to us by the PIP, TPTB. He was deliberately meant to bond with the people, so when he was removed from the scene in a public way, it would be that much more traumatic. Suddenly, due to this violent decapitation, the country veered to the right, making selling a war much easier. The “assassination” of someone people loved far and wide, made people vengeful, fearful, and more open to manipulation since they experienced fear based trauma/mind control.

I will reiterate for the record that I doubt JFK was killed. There is NO proof. As an actor playing a president, he is IN ON IT. People need to get that into their minds. Politicians are simply actors playing the role of herd manipulation for a higher governing body, which I call the PIPs.

More difficult than accepting that they are being fooled is the fact that people can’t believe there is

some higher, G*d like power running the whole show. They won’t submit to the obvious. It seems too big, too complex. that so much power could be concentrated into the hands of so few. It’s been too long since the herd has seen a King and his power over the flock up close. My sense is that the King never left, he simple went underground. It’s for that reason he’s all the more powerful.

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John F Kerry Syria Mashup

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Listen to the last 3 minutes of No Agenda Episode 544 – Arab Winter for a very well done audio mashup of the Syria lies.

The Syria psyOp is built on one central lie: that Assad is gassing his own women and children. Like the Iraq WMD lie, it starts off shaky, and it repeated as psychic driving, and weeks later it’s suddenly a FACT.

It’s on this new lie turned to fact that a house of cards is built to “go to war”.

It’s a fabian process and very insidious, but it works!

Is it for luck?

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canamA simple press release full of occultic numbers. What could the point be? Does it mean it’s fake, or do they make the numbers for good luck?

Canam wins $33 million in highway contracts | Toronto Star.

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Plato’s right

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“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.”

? Plato

via Quote by Plato: Those who are able to see beyond the shadows an….

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