Killing the Kennedy Kandy

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Listened to down-to-earth type Dave McGowan on Uncle Fetzer today. The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: Dave McGowan. Dave sounds like a great guy and said something very interesting that I’ve also been thinking about:

What he said was Kennedy was given to us by the PIP, TPTB. He was deliberately meant to bond with the people, so when he was removed from the scene in a public way, it would be that much more traumatic. Suddenly, due to this violent decapitation, the country veered to the right, making selling a war much easier. The 0;assassination” of someone people loved far and wide, made people vengeful, fearful, and more open to manipulation since they experienced fear based trauma/mind control.

I will reiterate for the record that I doubt was killed. There is NO proof. As an actor playing a president, he is IN ON IT. People need to get that into their minds. Politicians are simply actors playing the role of herd manipulation for a higher governing body, which I call the PIPs.

More difficult than accepting that they are being fooled is the fact that people can’t believe there is

some higher, G*d like power the whole show. They won’t submit to the obvious. It seems too big, too complex. that so much power could be concentrated into the hands of so few. It’s been too long since the herd has seen a King and his power over the flock up close. My sense is that the King never left, he simple went underground. It’s for that reason he’s all the more powerful.

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8 thoughts on “Killing the Kennedy Kandy

  1. smj

    the dead presidents go to the same place that the folks on the planes in the 911 narrative did. nowhere. their role is over, but if they are really talented the role can be reprised, but re-mixed. maybe a good looking catholic chap like jfk could play a pious southern gentleman new to politics. who knows? all the world’s a stage and whatnot.

  2. lux

    The assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK all appear to have been faked if you actually look at the photo evidence.

    And, the “shooting” of Oswald was the phoniest of all. Look at the old news reels on YouTube of Ruby “shooting” Oswald. It’s ridiculously fake. The credibility of that event is somewhere below Mexican pro wrestling.

    1. aybesea

      Firstly, you are under the mistaken opinion that I am commenting without having looked at this event.

      I feel, it’s far easier to have killed these guys that it would be to create this grand conspiracy.
      Creating this public figure etc, Then faking some death and hiding him/her out for 20-30 years until their death, seems a little too tin-foil hat, in my opinion.

      This money has killed millions without batting an eye. So, to think that just because these people are in a higher profile position, that they are not expandable is foolish. Then having to serve the remainder of their days hiding from the public. To me is nonsense. They did the job, possibly something went wrong, boom, dead. Kill’em, we don’t need that loose cannon around anymore.

      You kill them, create or blackmail some patsy to take the fall, take some low quality pictures pin-pointing him to it. Give the story you want reported, done, case closed. The mob does this daily.

      Public gets their story, conspiracy people run wild with theirs. At the end of the day all groups are satisfied without any blame on the perps.

      Also this notion that dallasgoldbug has polluted out there. All the all being the same people. I dont’ have time for that garbage.

  3. aybesea

    shit, I edited to slow..haha mainly for spelling,sentences etc

    anyway. Be careful with this ” it’s all fake” mantra.. there is a reason it’s so hip these days.

    1. ab Post author

      agreed. We really can’t tell what’s real and what’s not. I don’t say it’s fake lightly. Of course they can kill people, but if you go into an acting role from the beginning and agree to your part, why would they kill you for real? Wouldn’t it be harder to get actors that way? Wouldn’t the surviving family members have more to say if he was killed by one of the PIPs? If he was playing along, it’s much easier to keep Jackie et al. quiet, no? Why didn’t we hear a peep out of anyone? Were they so satisfied with the official story?

      The answer is they know their parts. Everyone knows their parts, before they even get them. No one gets in randomly or everyone gets with the program early early on. You can’t let anything to chance.

  4. aybesea

    well, it’s just as easy to kill these guys.. Yes, they are put into power, serve the money. then let go. Kennedy had a connection with the younger demographic. The pre-hippy shit age group.
    He was younger and more handsome than all the “old” guy put into office since the 30’s.

    so he was deported to some mystery land, given a new face with primitive plastic surgery to live in exile, for the remained of his days? Or he was killed, just not how we are told. And the plan moves with one who may not have been onboard for the big plan. Or he’s been living in some unknown bunker awaiting his death?? really?

    he was killed.. just MLK, RFK…this mystery island where the “faces” go to me, is bullshit. They get killed, just like the mob does.

    Where did he go??? They could EASILY kill him, he already did what he needed to do. Sell the space shit, lead us into Vietnam.. Then possibly he was unhappy about that, so he was killed.

    1. ab Post author

      Bottom line is we don’t get to know what happened. It will never be revealed. I tend to think they work together, you think they’re whacked. It can only boil down to opinion at this point.

      Would you extend the logic to RFK and MLK, and also Lennon and a few other big leaders? Saddam and Qadaffi?

      1. aybesea

        Well, yes and no.
        I think each case has to viewed on it’s own. sometimes I feel we force coincidence on the events.
        Tying it all into one group of actors playing roles. etc…

        I just think yes it’s very possible the deaths could be faked, I’m not ruling that out. I just feel it’s far easier just to kill them and be done it. Than hiding people out.

        Believe me Ab, I understand where you’re coming from and I’m not trying be an asshole. But we sometimes, in this type of searching acquire tunnel vision. ( yes the evidence is there, I know.haha)

        So, I think each case/event must be measured on it’s presented facts,? yes, (given to us)

        I don’t really believe in this whole grand mystery school freemasonic conspiracy anymore.

        I think a group over the last 100 150 years has worked it’s way back into the game and is slowly taking the power back. The power throughout history they keep trying to get but are forced out of these nations. they just keep popping back up. With the advent of all this technology it’s making that take over for easier.
        Their take over of that medium and school etc. it’s proving very easy for them at this point to do it.

        I’ll try to stay up tonight.. all you guys and these late hour talks..ahaha.
        some of us work at ungodly hours like 3am.. I’m already a sleep for a couple hours by 9;11 hahahahahaah

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