From friend to foe, overnight

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One day you’re friends, and the next day you’re, well, not.

qadaffi shaking hands with   Google Search

qadaffi killed   Google Search

But how?

What will the next frame of this movie be?

Does anyone else see a pattern?


bugs dinnerThe point is that what you are watching is a game, a movie. The story is following a script. Sure looks real, doesn’t it?

Does the US really think Assad would gas his own people, including women and children? How can he be best friend one day, wining and dining, and the next frame be public enemy #1?

Where else would this happen, except in a 90 minute Hollywood movie? How else would you explain going from absolute power to absolutely no power?

It only makes sense if you believe, like I do, that these villains are merely actors. Yes, they get to 0;run” a country, but they are not enemies. Israel does not hate Palestine. is not going to nuke Israel (assuming you believe in nukes at all, which I don’t).

The resulting “conflict” is just an excuse to blow off $1.2 million dollar Tomahawks from Raytheon. Get your puts and calls now, straddle ’em or sell ’em naked folks, there’s money to be made.After all, that’s what war is really all about. Do people die? I am sure they do. I am also sure they don’t die as we are told. I don’t believe the from any side – especially our side. Because really, there are no sides in war as in peace, except those that rule and those that are ruled. There’s a good chance you are the latter.

Enjoy the show!



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2 thoughts on “From friend to foe, overnight

  1. ab Post author

    hmmm…so is it one group or many groups or is it the same old group who have always owned the world. I realize they print the money, but they still need actors to fleece the people. I think we are really agreeing but this is where a voice call would help sort things out.

  2. aybesea

    this is where you guys loose me..
    so all the guys are “allowed” to run a country. “they” are all in the same club” “they make the money”

    to me it’s not the movie you and a few others make it out to be. There is deception of course. but to say all these guys are running the scam makes zero sense… there is no reason to scam anyone If you already have ALL the money and power. Here is that grand conspiracy stuff again.

    The deception to me, in the media is to deflect who is really getting a strangle hold on the world.

    Who is the ONLY group nobody can question? there is your answer.

    If you print it, why would you need to scam anybody to acquire more of it?

    the scam is done in the desire to acquire all the control.. the acquisition is in the process of being taken over, it is not done yet. It’s been on the books for the last 100-150 years or so. By a certain group.

    again this is my opinion. and in having a different opinion this is where the divide comes in and nothing will ever get done or change….still dig the blog anyway, Ab..

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