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Now Mozart’s a fake?

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Mozart is one of my favorites. So what’s behind this uber-talent? Is he real or a creation like Shakespeare?

The Mozart Myth March 29, 2009 Robert Newman has been researching Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for 15 years, we talk about the Myth, PR campaign and lies surrounding Mozart life.

via Robert Newman – The Mozart Myth – Topix.

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ep61-Talk 9/11 with Justin Cooke

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Showtime: Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013, 9:11pm EDT


We talk with Justin Cooke about 9/11. We’re also joined by James Sloan, Aral Sea, and Chris from Hoaxbusterscall.com

I heard him on Dose of Reality Radio and enjoy his insights. Continue reading

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NASA a terrorist organization?

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Hoi Polloi brings up some humorous, if not serious, points:

Surely, what NASA is “accomplishing” with these moon hoaxes can in some way be described as creating extremists and potential terrorists, using the neocon’s own favorite definitions.

1. Siphoning funds into a “homegrown” religious extremism (using public tax dollars no less!)

2. Broadcasting the religious views (dummy launches) en mass and inciting others to their extremist views

3. Stirring involvement of the public into their extremist religious ceremony (What do you think they really launched into the air to incite the amateurs?)

4. Using military-level technology to take control of airwaves and control perception on a minutiae level

5. Causing possibly dangerous chemicals to spew into the atmosphere (or at least the launch area), thereby making their launches a sort of chemical weapon for causing harm to life on Earth


6. Terrifying the public with shining lights in the sky, making people think the Russians are possibly bombing or the USA is in some kind of ICBM war

I could be wrong. But it seems as though NASA is a terrorist organization.

via The Moon Hoax • Cluesforum.info.

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Clever Syria propaganda

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Sex and propaganda — a very powerful force. Never mind the whole premise of the Syrian “conflict” is a built on a myth that has become an all out lie. The lie is getting buried so deeply we forget that it was once questioned at all.


Alyssa Milano Sex Tape from Alyssa Milano, Steve Tom, NickCorirossi, Charles Ingram, Brian Lane, Ally Hord, Funny Or Die, and BoTown Sound.

h/t Johnny C.


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Fascinating the nerve of those that create movies (myths) to promote and propagate 9/11 myths. How can our children escape the mythmaking? Make sure you tell them that none of this stuff has a basis in fact!

Moviemaking is the most powerful form of propaganda on the planet. Be aware and awake, and know that even if you are aware of fakery you will be hypnotized just like anyone else. It is that powerful. I defy even our most advanced fakeologists to watch this clip and not be affected. You almost have to douse yourself to clean your mind. I suggest revisiting here as often as possible to help you in your cleansing.

“I thought I was watching a movie” – opening line.

“They wanted to get off the island”

“Pulled into Pier 11

“They looked like zombies”

“The great boatlift of 9/11 became the largest sea evacuation in history…larger than the evacuation of Dunkirk, where 339,000 soldiers were rescued over 9 days…where in Mahattan, nearly 500,000 … took less than 9 hours”. The occult numerology NEVER ends!

Queue the dramatic music, planes crash noise, and our old comforting voice, Tom Hanks.

Simon Shack:

(love the term Hollywool)


As the 12th anniversary approaches, I can’t resist re-posting this epic trash 9/11 propaganda by the name of “BOATLIFT” – narrated by (who else?) Hollywool’s favorite psyop-upholding asset Tom Hanks and featuring yet another bunch of average people heroes of the day failed soap-opera actors.

via The PHONY 9/11 witnesses: actors only • Cluesforum.info.

No boats anywhere:

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