NASA a terrorist organization?

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Hoi Polloi brings up some humorous, if not serious, points:

Surely, what is 0;accomplishing” with these moon hoaxes can in some way be described as creating extremists and potential terrorists, using the neocon’s own favorite definitions.

1. Siphoning funds into a “homegrown” religious extremism (using public tax dollars no less!)

2. Broadcasting the religious views (dummy launches) en mass and inciting others to their extremist views

3. Stirring involvement of the public into their extremist religious ceremony (What do you think they really launched into the air to incite the amateurs?)

4. Using military-level technology to take control of airwaves and control perception on a minutiae level

5. Causing possibly dangerous chemicals to spew into the atmosphere (or at least the launch area), thereby making their launches a sort of chemical weapon for causing harm to life on Earth


6. Terrifying the public with shining lights in the sky, making people think the Russians are possibly bombing or the USA is in some kind of ICBM war

I could be wrong. But it seems as though NASA is a terrorist organization.

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