Now Mozart’s a fake?

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Mozart is one of my favorites. So what’s behind this uber-talent? Is he real or a creation like ?

The Mozart Myth March 29, 2009 Robert Newman has been researching Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for 15 years, we talk about the Myth, PR campaign and lies surrounding Mozart life.

via Robert Newman – The Mozart Myth – Topix.

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1 thought on “Now Mozart’s a fake?

  1. Blue Moon

    Mozart the Boy Wonder has been a Golden Goose marketing ploy ever since artist’s names became an integral part of artistic valuation- Composers with talent and no court connections/commissions sold work then, just as they do today, anonymously to hot acts with big box office- Justin Beiber neither writes nor sings his songs, nor likely performs on a live stage, but no one in his audience concerns themselves with those particulars- He poses (if there is even a real person there) in front of a camera and the rest is presumption on the part of his rabid fans- Li’l Wolfie was probably a competent fiddle player from a young age and his backers saw opportunity to claim he composed as well as performed- He had a big sister who was apparently a wizard on the keyboards and that probably helped the ruse that little brother was a brilliant composer of the works she performed with precocious brio-
    Newman’s assertion that the culture creators were ushering in a new control system is a bit thick- I think the carnival hucksterism of pop music draws the sharks when someone cashes in- That’s when a culture shifts- Market forces- Force-

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