The DCP – Dead Celebrity Program

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What does a musical entity do when his sales sag and his popularity wanes? What if they want to exit the limelight? (less likely) They join the DCP!

You get your privacy, you get your money, and you get record sales! Thanks to the corporate controlled media, you get endless promotion too!

Preview: Michael Jackson – 60 Minutes – CBS News.

Triple win situation! Privacy, wealth, and promotion – and no annoying fans and concerts to deal with. Join the today!

Past participants (call for references):

Elvis, Buddy Holly, Michael Jackson, the real McCartney, Jim Morrison, Tupac, to name a few.

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8 thoughts on “The DCP – Dead Celebrity Program

  1. xileffilex

    Mark Tokarski brings up the plane crash in 1973 which allegedly killed previously disillusioned singer Jim Croce, aged 30, then wipes it away, saying, to the effect, that he’s not interested in it. Hmmm…

    “it appears to have been real”

    Er not, it looks highly likely it was staged, sorry to disappoint the commenters there.

    First up – the registration mark of the plane boldly showing for the photographers – check!…

    According to Natkchitoches officials, the plane never gained much altitude. One wing reported scraped the edge of a pecan tree near the then-new Hwy. 1 bypass. The plane rolled over and burst apart upon impact with hte ground before coming to rest about 200 yards from the end of the runway. All passengers were killed instantly.

    Croce’s body was found in the copilot’s seat.

    Croce had been scheduled to stay overnight in Natchitoches and fly to Dallas the following day, but last minute changes in plans caused him to leave after the concert instead of the following day.

    nuff said.

    Just another routine retirement, on the face of it.
    Timed to perfection, the day before his latest single was released. -check!

    The Beechcraft E18S crashed into a tree, while taking off from the Natchitoches Regional Airport in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Others killed in the crash were pilot Robert N. Elliott, comedian George Stevens, manager and booking agent Kenneth D. Cortose, and road manager Dennis Rast. Croce had just completed a concert at Northwestern State University’s Prather Coliseum in Natchitoches and was flying to Sherman, Texas


    Croce’s wife of 5 years was Jewish and he converted to Judaism. Really! I think there are quite enough clues in that last link to file this one away in the DCP cabinet.

  2. Vespadouglas

    since when ? was ceeeeparpish a ” thing ” around here ?……this fayeGAIApedia guy is on a mission……ask him about kelly ……the new OWNER of hbc bollx aci

  3. gaia

    The Day the Music Lied was prescriptively programmed by another plane crash psyop, in a 1950s case of PCCP – Plane Crash Chain Psyops. It was said that Richard Valenzuela (“Richie Valens”) was afraid of flying because of a plane crash ‘happening’ almost 2 years to the date exactly (733 days before), the Pacoima “mid-air collision and crash into a school”. According to the storytellers, Valenzuela was attending that school…


    On January 31, 1957, a Douglas DC-7B operated by Douglas Aircraft Company was involved in a mid-air collision with a United States Air Force Northrop F-89 Scorpion and crashed into the schoolyard of Pacoima Junior High School located in Pacoima, a suburb in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California

    A DC-7 with a military plane…

    The DC-7B, earmarked for delivery to Continental Airlines, took off from the Santa Monica Airport at 10:15 a.m. on its first functional test flight, with a crew of four Douglas personnel aboard. Meanwhile, in Palmdale to the north, a pair of two-man F-89J fighter jets took off at 10:50 a.m. on test flights, one that involved a check of their on-board radar equipment. Both jets and the DC-7B were performing their individual tests at an altitude of 25,000 feet in clear skies over the San Fernando Valley

    Three planes, all “testing”, a case of CEPPAR.

    when, at about 11:18 a.m., a high-speed, near-head-on midair collision occurred.

    No kidding!

    Following the collision, Curtiss Adams, the radarman aboard the eastbound twin-engine F-89J Scorpion, was able to bail out of the stricken fighter jet and, despite incurring serious burns, parachuted to a landing onto a garage roof in Burbank, breaking his leg when he fell to the ground. The fighter jet’s pilot, Roland E. Owen, died when the aircraft plummeted in flames into La Tuna Canyon in the Verdugo Mountains.

    Right, so a military jet has only one ejection seat, bad luck for the pilot?

    Intermezzo: WWI and especially WWII were staged for multiple reasons, but one of them was to perfectionalize planes and flight. The strains put on the planes and pilots in those war exercises helped developing planes and their safety, as one of the major intentions behind such wars. Commercial airflight only kicked off after WWII, not incidentally.

    Back to California:

    The DC-7B, with a portion of its left wing sheared off, remained airborne for a few minutes then rolled to the left and began an uncontrollable, spiraling, high-velocity dive earthward. In doing so, it began raining debris onto the Pacoima neighborhoods below as the aircraft began to break apart. Seconds later, part of the hurtling wreckage slammed onto the grounds of the Pacoima Congregational Church, killing all four Douglas crewmen aboard while the major portions fell onto the adjacent playground of Pacoima Junior High School. [the one Richie ‘Valens’ was attending at the time]

    Churches and schools, an on-going stage for “shootings” and back then a plane crash…

    On the school playground, where some 220 boys were just ending their outdoor athletic activities, the wreckage broke upon impact into numerous pieces and intense fires began due to the aircraft’s fuel and oil. Distinct craters were made in the playground by each of the four engines and the main center fuselage section. Two students, Ronnie Brann, 13, and Robert Zallan, 12, were struck and killed by this wreckage and debris. A third gravely injured student, Evan Elsner, 12, died two days later in a local hospital. An estimated 75 more students on the school playground suffered injuries ranging from critical to minor.

    Right, so they didn’t know how many injured there were exactly?

    The collision was blamed on pilot error and the failure of both aircraft crews to exercise proper “see and avoid” procedures regarding other aircraft while operating under visual flight rules (VFR). The crash also prompted the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) to set restrictions on all aircraft test flights, both military and civilian, requiring that they be made over open water or specifically approved sparsely populated areas.

    Why they stage these CEPPARs; making virtual tests with storylines attached to pass off regulations (that are not necessarily bad). The airport shops happily sell you a bottle of water for 5 bucks!

    Video about this “crash”:


    1:20 – DC-6 originally intended as a military aircraft towards the end of WWII
    3:08 – test flight was required to get an “air worthy certificate” (despite the modified DC-7B being in service for 2 years)
    3:10 – 36 year old pilot
    – despite tests scheduled for 2 hours, plane was loaded with 6 hours worth of fuel
    4:30 – nuclear programming
    5:16 – 50 miles (!) visibility that day
    5:40 – after completing a wide turn (with 50 miles visibility!!) it struck the left wing of the DC-7B, suuuuure…
    6:00 – “unusually difficult to avoid a crash”, really? For a highly mobile military jet specifically constructed for those manoeuvres?? A cartoon of roadrunner crashing into the only cactus in the desert for miles around comes to mind…
    6:20 – 27 year old radio operator
    7:30 onwards – image of the “crash site”, very Shanksvillish nothing-to-see-but-some-emergency-vehicles
    – part of an engine smashed into church auditorium roof, demolishing the building? Like vaporizing it Judy Wood-style??
    27 year old Doris McClane with 18 month old daughter was in the churchyard
    – “she was quoted in the LA times (like the first thing you do at such a disaster) saying she thought the church was being bombed”, bombing fear programming in the Cold War post-Korea era…
    8:40 – “more than 140 people witnessed the crash, including a reporter for the United Press“, how convenient, what was he doing at a school playground in the then sparsely populated La Tuna Canyon? Was he Mark Walsh’s father?
    9:05 – “there were many heroes, and people donating blood”, another reason for the psyop
    – “area became overwhelmed with as much as 30,000 people” ???????????????? I bet that number is a tad slight wee little bit exaggerated… and looking at the photo we see some hundred or so, including the emergency crews.
    9:57 “despite the nearly 2 mile long debris field across the city of Pacoima which demolished many houses which people described as being struck by cannon fire, nobody else was killed”, so in the age before the 1960s “sexual” “revolution” when most of the moms were staying at home and the elderly too, nobody was killed in demolished homes? Makes sense!
    – Richie Valens was not even at school that day, “he was attending his grandfather’s funeral”
    10:30 – “accident was represented in a ‘dream sequence’ in a 1958 film La Bomba [The Bomb]”… Zal Rule of the kind of -great movie by the way- Relatos Salvajes showing the Germanwings pilot suicide psyop…
    11:00 – “it seems strange that this disaster is only remembered because of its connection to the more famous accident” – indeed, very strange…

    The wiki article speaks of “distinct craters” where the engines “slammed” into the playground, really? I have seen more craters on a billiard table…

    “Crash” site

    Pacoima Middle School, 9919 Laurel Canyon Boulevard

  4. xileffilex

    Just watched this Dion – 2015 video/gatekeeping exercise by a close insider and “lucky escapee”, but it’s apparently a 50th anniversary recapitulation from 2009.
    The fun starts at 42.00, with the pile of carefully placed plane junk at 47.00 [also see in the PoM link below]…
    Contrived to the power n.
    Was the first comments [by obvious spooks] on this POM piece really 18 months after the article appeared?…

    answer no – here they are…

    I think Mark gets the picture. But of course we can’t prove anything until we ourselves take a look inside the box.

    1. xileffilex

      An odd coincidence – shortly after posting the above, I saw that Miles Mathis had added an addendum to his paper on Dylan – see pp3-5
      MM notes that immediately after the “plane crash” near Clear Lake Iowa the next day’s concert just happened to be right on the border of Minnesota with North Dakota [the tour had for some reason retreated into Iowa before returning to Moorehead MN]
      Clear Lake had not been a scheduled stop [hmmmmm] but perhaps a good place to stage a crash……

      And who lived just over the state line to step in and launch his career? Bobby Vee.

      And Waylon Jennings’ career didn’t run too badly either after giving up his seat [allegedly] to the Big Bopper aka JP Richardson. **
      And here comes a nice touch – an “exhumation”, allegedly. I’m surprised that such a lark isn’t carried out more frequently to sell the story that there ‘s really a correctly identified body in the casket…
      Directly quoting wiki:
      On March 6, 2007, in Beaumont, Texas, Richardson’s body was exhumed for reburial in a more fitting part of the local Forest Lawn cemetery. The musician’s son, Jay Perry, took the opportunity to have his father’s body re-examined to verify the original findings, and asked forensic anthropologist William M. Bass to carry out the procedure. Among the rumors surrounding the accident that this second examination sought to verify was that an accidental firearm discharge took place on board the aircraft and caused the crash, since two months after the event, a farmer had found at the crash site a .22 caliber pistol known to have belonged to Holly. Another rumor had Richardson surviving the initial impact and crawling out of the aircraft in search for help, prompted by the fact that his body was found farther from the wreckage than the other three. Bass and his team took several X-rays of Richardson’s body and eventually concluded that the musician had indeed died instantly from extensive, unsurvivable fractures to almost all of his bones; no traces of lead were found from any bullet. Coroner Smiley’s original report was, therefore, confirmed

      neat! An obvious hoax.

      ** the hand written $36 surviving invoice for the plane hire to Richardson, seen in the Dion video, is a nice cinematic touch.

    2. xileffilex

      And, I notice another smooth rendering [in Clear Lake Iowa! Nice] of the official narrative from Frankie Sardo who was on the absurd tour. The script is still as thin as ever, perhaps his first [and last – he died four years later in 2014] selling the tale after 50 years of silence.

      [from about 13.00]

    3. xileffilex

      Mark Tokarski’s POM post about Clear Lake [link above] is producing quite a few shill attacks… I like the way Mark bats them away. He really understands the fake death procedure. He’s clearly hit a few raw nerves. Good!


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