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I don’t mind paying for something real, but to pay for lies is immoral.

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9/11 Cantor liars

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I watched a lot of Larry King Live back in the day, and Howard Lutnick was on a lot. The “chief” of Cantor Fitzgerald is one of the lead actors in the 9/11 movie, and was, by all accounts, quite effective.

The whole Cantor story is a well crafted tale. Watch this video with an empty stomach.

9/11 WTC Cantor Fitzgerald CEO and chairman Howard Lutnick – YouTube.

More on the Cantor myth:

Hidden significance of Cantor Fitzgerald names arranged in 9/11 memorial – by friendships | Mail Online

The names of over 600 Cantor Fitzgerald employees who perished Sept 11, 2001 are in no particular order, alphabetically or by age, but they are grouped very specifically – surrounded by friends, family and loved ones.

CANTOR FITZGERALD – top 9/11 vicsim hub • Cluesforum.info

Throughout this long yet fascinating “vicsim” research, I have noticed one particular thing when it comes to wrap our heads around it all (not saying I myself have managed to wrap it all up yet!..). This one thing has to do with the coincidental repetition of given patterns which, as I see it, are quite extraordinary. Yet, many people seem to shove the ‘haphazard coincidences’ aside – in favor of other oddities which arouse their thinkbone more compellingly. However, I believe no crime investigation can totally ignore issues of ‘statistical probability’, so allow me to set forth my latest observations.

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