9/11 Cantor liars

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I watched a lot of Larry King Live back in the day, and Howard Lutnick was on a lot. The 0;chief” of Cantor Fitzgerald is one of the lead actors in the movie, and was, by all accounts, quite effective.

The whole Cantor story is a well crafted tale. Watch this video with an empty stomach.

9/11 WTC Cantor Fitzgerald CEO and chairman Howard Lutnick – YouTube.

More on the Cantor myth:

Hidden significance of Cantor Fitzgerald names arranged in 9/11 memorial – by friendships | Mail Online

The names of over 600 Cantor Fitzgerald employees who perished , 2001 are in no particular order, alphabetically or by age, but they are grouped very specifically – surrounded by friends, family and loved ones.

CANTOR FITZGERALD – top 9/11 vicsim hub • Cluesforum.info

Throughout this long yet fascinating “vicsim” research, I have noticed one particular thing when it comes to wrap our heads around it all (not saying I myself have managed to wrap it all up yet!..). This one thing has to do with the coincidental repetition of given patterns which, as I see it, are quite extraordinary. Yet, many people seem to shove the ‘haphazard coincidences’ aside – in favor of other oddities which arouse their thinkbone more compellingly. However, I believe no crime investigation can totally ignore issues of ‘statistical probability’, so allow me to set forth my latest observations.

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11 thoughts on “9/11 Cantor liars

  1. xileffilex

    I’ve just noticed that one of the Doug B Gardner images was photoshopped, as seen here
    and no doubt also at Cluesforum.

    It is absurd to suggest that Gardner didn’t exist based on this photoshopping – he was right at the top of the Cantor tree, as noted below in this thread.
    Here’s the “widow” and their three children next to Howard Lutnick in 2016

    Perhaps the photoshopping was conspiracy candy to “truth” seekers, false trails, all part of the grand project?

    and a few more pics of Doug follow….
    the full unphotoshopped picture

    Doug and Jennifer again


    Doug again

    Doug and Jennifer

    Their wedding

    Doug source

    Doug and mom[?]

    Doug crouching

    So many images, one is photoshopped. Aaaaaand?

    The former Mrs Gardner [Jennifer Radding Gardner] remarried within 4 years to Derek Trulson

    They’re still happily married


    Remembering Doug with yet another unseen unphotoshopped image on 9/11 2018. Obviously Doug will be quite unrecognisable now.

  2. xileffilex

    Howand and Edie’s son Kyle is a promising Stanford rapper…aka Kutz

    Remember the excuse that Howard gave for missing the WTC controlled demolition – he had to be at Kyle’s first day at Kindergarten.




    Here he is reciting his kindergarten story [video]

    “I still hear the story constantly. My dad getting the phone call *** and leaving, the whole day being completely out of whack.”

    *** right out of the blue…

    That Howard Lutnick survived was, he concedes, blind luck.
    source NYT Sept 2011


  3. xileffilex

    A recent interview in the London Evening Standard brought me back to this thread, subject Michael Spencer of ICAP

    No mention of 9/11 or Cantor Fitzgerald or Howard Lutnick….which is curious because….
    October 3 2004

    Mr. Spencer achieved a certain notoriety on this side of the Atlantic thanks to a long-running rivalry with the bond brokerage firm Cantor Fitzgerald, a feud that grew particularly ugly in the aftermath of terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. Cantor lost 658 employees, more than any other firm.
    In June 2002, Cantor filed a lawsuit charging that Icap and Mr. Spencer had poached three top traders from its London office in the wake of the attack

    Another 9/11 sideshow on the face of it.
    July 30 2002
    ICAP chief executive Michael Spencer visited Cantor chief executive Howard Lutnick on September 20 [2001]and pledged $US500,000 to Cantor’s fund for the families of employees killed.

    While we’re here, at 40:45 we see Ann De Sollar who alleges that she was the fiancee of Howard Lutnick’s brother, Gary who allegedly died in the WTC. Ann, now styled Ann De Sollar Hale says she had an office on the 101st floor. Gary was allegedly the second fiancee she had “lost” to death.

    This is Ann
    with Charles C. Hale

    Mum is supporting the official narrative
    More troubling is the apparent total absence of FB friends from Cantor
    NY socialiites November 1 2010 – Ann and Charlie

    cf November 3 2014

    ICAP , Garban Intercapital lost nobody on 9/11 from its alleged lower floors in the WTC on 9/11
    Garban had nearly 100,000 square feet between the two towers
    North 25-26, South 55 675 employees, which is not many more than the alleged number of Cantor deaths.
    Here’s someone who was recruited in July 2001 by Garban and gives a WTC1 address, as well as a Jersey City address, where, allegedly ICAP migrated to after 9/11

    1 World Trade Center / Washington Avenue, Jersey City
    Company NameGarban Intercapital Markets
    Dates EmployedJul 2001 – Aug 2002

    and another
    Data/Administrative Support
    Company NameGarban Intercapital
    Dates EmployedJul 1998 – Nov 2001 Employment Duration3 yrs 5 mos Location1 WTC; New York, NY
    The question I have – are these people lying about where they worked?
    This guy just says greater NYC for Garban from July 2001

    This guy is interesting – Michael Sussilleaux
    CEO Garban Global Information Systems [GIS] NYC 1999-2004 Rebuilt entire organisation after 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center This includes a one year period of interim operation when GIS was physically separated by the bulk of ICAP’s New York broking operations which were spread out over four separate disaster recovery sites
    A key insider.

    Wind back to just before 9/11
    September 3 2001

    eSpeed’s Trading Secrets
    Cannibalizing Cantor’s bond trading has paid off, but growth is slowing

    . So far, [Lutnick] has met with mixed success: Trading of products other than Treasuries has grown to represent about half of eSpeed’s revenues. ESpeed, though, is unlikely to dominate many of those markets the way it does the U.S. Treasury trading that it pioneered. More than 70 companies have built electronic exchanges for fixed-income securities. The biggest threats: Garban-Intercapital PLC and Tullet & Tokyo Liberty PLC, two London brokerages with electronic-trading operations. Tullet is strong in emerging markets and Garban is the dominant player in many of the more esoteric markets that eSpeed is trying to attack, such as foreign government bonds. While eSpeed rules in U.S. Treasury securities, “they are not the largest broker of any other instrument,” says Michael Spencer, CEO of Garban.

  4. xileffilex

    Steve Warran has written a very important post about the Cantor elite
    July 23 2014
    which mirrors an earlier post by MArtini at Cluesforum
    These were the survivors, those who stayed behind [though not at their “desks” in the WTC.
    Stephen Merkel was in the WTC lobby when the “plane hit”
    Here’s Merkel’s signature dated May 1 2001 on a companies House submission for Merryspring Limited, which became CantorCO2e Limited shortly afterwards.

    Other Merryspring directors’ signatures are here –
    Howard and Gary Lutnick, Doug B Gardner, Fred Varacchi, and Carlton Bartels. and others. Lutnick is the only “survivor” in that line. ~Perhaps someone will convince me that these people never existed.
    Bartels who checked out on 9/11 has a good biography at this archived [April 10 2001] page of eCO2.com

    CO2e.com‘s network of brokers provide trading and access to support services globally. Leading this team is Carlton W. Bartels, CEO of CO2e.com, LLC.

    Mr. Bartels is also the Managing Director of Cantor Fitzgerald Environmental Brokerages Services division, which he founded in 1992. During his tenure as managing director, Cantor Fitzgerald’s Environmental Brokerages Services division has become the only firm to provide brokerage and consulting services in all of the significant US national and regional emissions trading programs and in the emerging market for global greenhouse gas offsets.

    Mr. Bartels articles and speeches (domestic and international) on emissions trading have appeared in dozens of trade journals and conference proceedings. He has provided testimony to the United States Senate Joint Economic Committee on the implementation of Title IV of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. He was a panelist on the White House Conference on Global Climate Change, Joint Implementation Workshop and has advised the U.S. Delegation to the Conference of the Parties and the White House Climate Change Task Force. In addition, Mr. Bartels has advised numerous governmental agencies throughout the world regarding the implementation of domestic and international emissions trading. He also served on the Board of the Emissions Marketing Association from 1997 through 2000.

    Mr. Bartels joined Cantor Fitzgerald from the Tellus Institute for Resource and Environmental Strategies in Boston, where he was a domestic and international consultant on energy policy, focusing on the economic and environmental implications of the electric utility industry.

    He has provided expert testimony and consultation on a wide variety of utility issues including resource procurement and development; environmental externalities; tariff policy and design; non-utility generation; utility mergers; and resource valuation.

    He has also worked for the Vermont Department of Public Service as the Director of Regulated Utility Planning, and the Green Mountain Power Corporation as an Energy Planning Engineer.

    Mr. Bartels earned a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Vermont in 1985 and a Bachelor of Engineering from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1979.

    CO2e.com‘s Head Office is located in New York.

    102nd Floor
    One World Trade Center
    NY, NY 10048

    ph: +1-212 938 8700
    Fax: +1-212 938 7775

    If you’re off to Barbados for the rest of your life, you’re not going to have you old life photos splashed around anywhere. Or Thailand

    Martini [who might be Warran for all I know] cited this page
    but failed to mention the “last supper” held at Cliveden, west of London, England for the inner sanctum of Cantor. The then owner of Cliveden was one of Bill Gates’ consortia

    It was the last really good time, a carefree and absurdly lavish celebration. On the occasion of his 40th birthday, on Bastille Day, July 14, Howard Lutnick and his wife, Allison, chartered a 160-foot-boat, La Naturelle Dee. For a week, the Lutnicks and four other couples cruised the Mediterranean, starting in Cannes and making leisurely stops in Nice and Monte Carlo.

    “We lived on Howard time,” says Michael Kaminer, Lutnick’s Haverford College roommate and now a dermatologist, as he describes lazily goofing around the boat during the day, playing charades and dancing at night.

    “I’m so glad we had that trip, it was so special,” says Jennifer Gardner, who reveled with her husband, Doug, another Haverford classmate and a partner at Lutnick’s firm, Cantor Fitzgerald, in this rare uninterrupted vacation. Howard Lutnick is a famously wired and demanding man, but as the cruise ended, he announced jubilantly, “It is not possible for a human being to have a better week.”

    And there was more: Lutnick and friends then headed to a magnificent estate in Cliveden, just outside London, where he threw a Georgian costume ball for 45 couples, many of them buddies from work, flown in from New York at his own expense. There were toasts by Lutnick’s older sister, Edie, and younger brother, Gary, about how Howard had become the rock of the family after their parents died two decades ago. “The only reason to have money,” Lutnick sentimentally told the crowd, “is to share it with your friends and have fun.” Allison Lutnick, a former Legal Aid lawyer and mother of three who had orchestrated this extravaganza, looked dazzling. Photos from the event show the men grinning in white frilly shirts and brocade waistcoats, the women done up in elaborate gowns with plunging décolletage, living for one candlelit night in an eighteenth-century fantasy — a world before electricity and Internet brokerage firms. A world before terrorists flew airplanes into office buildings, killing 657 Cantor Fitzgerald employees, including Gary Lutnick, Doug Gardner, and thirteen others who were at Cliveden to applaud Howard Lutnick’s happy midlife.

    Abel Danger also picks up the story but as is often the case it leads to a potential rabbit hole of speculation

    There’s a poor quality version of Out of the Clear Blue Sky the Cantor 9/11 story which I will bookmark for the moment; at 29:00 we note American citizen Lee Amatis of eSpeed’s London office, followed by a clip of Clive Triance at 29:18 who held numerous Cantor directorhips, incidentally becoming Chief Administration Officer of CantorCO2e Limited in 2002, aged just 34 on 9/11. Oh, and Cayman Islands registered SCARP Ltd along with Amaitis.



    1. xileffilex

      Note – the signatures of the various CantorCO2e directors, including those who allegedly died on 9/11 can be accessed by clicking on the May 17 2001 pdf links here:

      Steve Warran made two more important posts concerning Cantor and ICAP/Garban. Unfortunately he doesn’t mention Garban in the first link
      concerning the diminished space needed for trading as broking went electronic
      TenantWise says that Cantor Fitzgerald leased 245,000 s.f. at WTC, and after the attacks, relocated to 80,000 s.f. at 135 East 57th Street and decentralized its operations into two other new locations: Reston, VA and London. However, a New York Times article from January 1997, said,

      “[t]he company has renewed its lease for the 104th and 105th floors — the top office floors in the 110-story, 4.7 million-square-foot tower — and has added the 103d and part of the 101st floors.”
      Why Cantor was expanding its office requirements in 1997, at the same time they began significantly downsizing as a result of advances in electronic trading technology, does not represent a failure of corporate forward thinking, but it is key to analyzing what this real estate data represents. In my opinion, adding on one-and-a-half floors of tenancy represents a “Potemkin office” strategy that began as early as the bombing in 1993, which was meant to structure the building’s occupancy in anticipation of their eventual destruction. Howard Lutnick’s “brother Gary” was said to have worked on the 103rd floor. This represents a net loss of 75,000 s.f in space required by Cantor Fitzgerald.

      Lee Amaitis was based in London and who was in the limelight in 2016, when he had to fall on his sword as head of CG [Cantor Gaming] Technologies in Las Vegas
      A business financed by Cantor Fitzgerald that became one of the biggest sports book runners in the country has agreed to pay about $22.5 million to settle allegations of illegal gambling and money laundering, authorities announced on Monday.
      Earlier this year, the head of the gambling unit, Lee Amaitis, resigned as part of a settlement with the Nevada Gaming Control Board.


      According to the official story [NYT]
      Mr. Lutnick’s electronic push helped Cantor stay afloat after Sept. 11. Cantor lost almost all of its brokers, but eSpeed did not need brokers. Without the new trading technology, Cantor might have gone under.

      “In a way, eSpeed saved them,” says Richard Repetto, an analyst at Sandler O’Neill, which itself lost 66 employees at the World Trade Center.

      So many Cantor brokers were killed that Mr. Lutnick had little choice but to shut many of his trading desks. There simply were not enough people left to handle the work.
      “The show starts on Wall Street at about 7:30 in the morning, when the curtain goes up,” Mr. Lutnick said. That meant that almost all of his brokers were at their desks when Flight 11 hit: “Everyone who made money for the firm was there.”

      The numbers tell the story. On Sept. 10, 2001, Cantor employed 2,100 employees worldwide, 960 of them in New York City. On Sept. 12, only 1,422 were left, roughly half of them in London, and 302 in New York.
      And so the desks for corporate bonds, mortgage securities and municipal bonds were closed. So were the offices in Paris and Frankfurt. Cantor was losing a million dollars a day, and that was excluding compensation still being paid to its families.
      Unable to reach Mr. Lutnick on Sept. 11, Lee Amaitis, the head of the London office and a close friend, began mapping out a plan. He helped reconfigure Cantor’s trading systems so that trades could be processed through London, rather than New York.
      Mr. Lutnick and his remaining employees in New York soon decamped to a windowless computer center in Rochelle Park, N.J. Thanks to eSpeed, Cantor could clear its trades electronically. Forty-seven hours after the planes hit, as the bond market nervously reopened for business, so did Cantor.

      “From survival to when we could take a breath was weeks,” Mr. Amaitis said.

      Perhaps London was running before 9/11

      Steve Warran pasted the September 3 2001 Bloomberg/Business Week article which mentions Garban in another important blog post
      The 2002 spat between Amaitis and Spencer is described here over the alleged luring away of three brokers, Ed Bird, Luigi Boucher and Spencer Gill, from Cantor in the wake of 9/11

      ..says Amaitis. “Michael Spencer hates us. He hates Cantor, he hates Howard Lutnick, he hates Lee Amaitis.”

      Update August 9 2007
      Today [Cantor] is once again among the leaders, but still behind Tullett Prebon and the industry leader, ICAP, both based in London.

      1. xileffilex

        Perhaps best summed up by this phrase from 2009 in “Instutional Investor” – “LONDON WAS THE FIRM”
        Some chroniclers have linked Cantor’s resilience in the wake of the attacks to its eSpeed platform, but it was two other assets that in fact enabled the firm to carry on in the face of what seemed like certain extinction: the London office, headed up at the time by Lee Amaitis *** and a key lieutenant, Shaun Lynn, and the U.S.-based institutional equity business, which was run by Phil Marber **, who retired from Cantor earlier this year.

        London wasn’t just key to the survival of the firm — London was the firm, at least in terms of its core interdealer brokerage business.

        Slowly, the firm began to ramp up its interdealer brokerage business. That effort was led by Daniel LaVecchia, who had built out Cantor’s foreign exchange desk in London and was stationed there when the Twin Towers fell. After returning to New York in 2002, he began aggressively recruiting new brokers. One of his earliest hires was Billy Clark, who had signed on to work on the currency options desk before 9/11 but whose start date was later in the fall of 2001. Everyone already working on that desk was killed.

        In London, Cantor’s interdealer business, run by Amaitis and Lynn, was not only thriving, it was once again challenging competitors like ICAP, also based in London, and New York–based GFI Group for dominance. But that business and the other side of the house, sales and trading in fixed income and equities, which in the old days were under one roof, were now spread out and competing for resources and Lutnick’s support.

        In 2004, Amaitis and Lynn approached Lutnick about carving out what by then had become primarily a London-based interdealer business. Lutnick and his fellow partners agreed to break Cantor in two by spinning off the interdealer operation in August of that year, with Cantor Fitzgerald keeping a majority stake in the new business — named BGC Partners, based on the initials of Cantor co-founder Bernard Gerald Cantor. The firm had never taken on much debt, but in early 2005, Cantor borrowed about $380 million — “You might recall that was an excellent time to borrow money,” Lutnick points out — and BGC Partners was born.

        See also this Telegraph piece from September 2011 which, in addition to the 2004 spin-off, notes the centrality of London to the continuing operation immediately after 9/11:
        ..it was entirely on the shoulders of our London office that we survived.”

        Under the leadership of Lee Amaitis and Sean Lynn, the firm’s London team self-taught themselves the information and the technology systems to be able to create a Treasury clearing system to support Cantor’s eSpeed trading platform.
        Within a week, the firm’s equity trading business was up and running for the reopening of the New York Stock Exchange’s markets.

        **President of Institutional Equities, Phil Marber, was one of the people to speak -[at the 10/1/01 memorial]. “We will never forget the tremendous contributions made by our departed loved ones, friends and colleagues take time out and honor those who were taken away far too soon”

        *** who was straight into the MSM with the Guardian newspaper on 9/15/01

        see also here at Fakeologist for more background on Lynn whose son Alex is a racing car driver for Aston Martin

        However, I’m not sure how this 2017 story panned out…

  5. xileffilex

    Goldflam imagery
    mouth open, slightly from the right

    mouth less open, more front on

    More shirt

    It’s seems reasonable to assume that these images are supplied by Cantor.

    However, here’s a young Jeff Goldflam
    source: www.angelfire.com/ny5/classof7…
    Valley Stream South Class of 71 – 30th Reunion Web Site In Memoriam

    which also contains a further photo

    from the S.U.N.Y. Binghamton Alumni Journal, Winter 2002:

    Jeffrey G. Goldflam, ’75 was a senior vice president and chief financial officer of eSpeed, Inc., the electronic bond trading arm of Cantor Fitzgerald. He worked at 1 World Trade Center. “Jeff’s presence and the way he conducted himself always had a way of making people smile, particularly me,” said Howard Lutnick, chairman and CEO of eSpeed, Inc., in a Business Wire report. “His facility with numbers and figures made each quarter a pleasure, as we were always able to focus on the business and vision of the company, because we knew Jeff was commanding and protecting the finances. His wife, Risa, and their two children can always look to eSpeed as a symbol of their husband and father’s caring ways.”

    old photos at every juncture.

    1. xileffilex


      43 Threepence DrHuntington Station, NY 11747 View Neighbors
      Residents records for 43 Threepence Dr
      Resident Name Phone Information
      Joseph F Genovese
      Ashley Goldflam Property: Owner
      Occupation: Clerical/White Collar
      Education: High school graduate
      Ethnic: Jewish
      Email: c…@aol.com
      Jeff G Goldflam (631) 643-5447
      Jeffery Goldflam
      Jeffrey G Goldflam (631) 643-5447 Property: Owner
      Education: High school graduate
      Ethnic: Jewish
      Email: j…@hotmail.com
      Joshua G Goldflam (631) 806-5887 Property: Owner
      Occupation: Production Occupations
      Education: Associate degree
      R Goldflam (631) 643-5447
      Risa Goldflam (631) 643-5447
      Rise P Goldflam (631) 643-5447 Property: Owner
      Occupation: Professional/Technical
      Education: High school graduate
      Ethnic: Jewish
      V L Ventura (631) 643-5447

      Two Years
      Death does not go away; time does no

      Now, here’s a photo I would love to see – can’t imagine why family hasn’t posted one…

      And then I saw it, parked right on the street, a late ’60s MGB convertible. Remember those? They were both cool and cute. This one was what they used to call BRG, British Racing Green, that dark forest color. Black interior. Pretty great. Jeff Goldflam had one of them in high school. There were three guys I knew in high school who had their own cars: Robby Riccio had a ’69 Volkswagen Beetle, Tony Sacaridiz had a blue ’71 Mustang Fastback, and Jeff Goldflam had the exact MGB I was looking at.


      Jeff, we love and miss you so very much..you are forever
      in our thoughts. rise,josh and ash


  6. xileffilex

    Jeffrey Grant Goldflam was CFO and SVP of eSpeed for a year before 9/11 when he allegedly died.

    Jeffrey Goldflam has been appointed chief financial officer of eSpeed, reporting to president Frederick Varacchi [q.v]. Goldflam will be based in New York. Previously Goldflam was chief financial officer for FIMAT, a subsidiary of Societe Generale, where he worked for 11 years. Prior to that Goldflam held senior positions at Thomson McKinnon Securities, Goldman Sachs and the professional services firm of Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co.

    source: our friends at Risk Waters. September 18 2000

    His time at Thomson McKinnon is apparently supported by this lawsuit
    or this company listing

    his wife is either Risa or Reisa, depending on source.

    Here’s a fake looking 2011 anniversary blog which uses Goldflam;s name

    On September 11, 2001, I should have been at work, but on September 10th, I walked in to my office at Cantor-Fitzgerald, on the 101st floor of Tower One in the World Trade Center carrying my new born baby girl, Jasmeen, as a “prop”. My intention was to use her to beg another week of maternity leave from my boss and CFO Jeffrey Goldflam. Jeff held my baby, made cute little baby noises at her and held my 2-1/2 year old son in him lap.
    Mission accomplished, I took the opportunity to walk around all five floors of our offices and show off my baby girl with a mother’s pride. It was nice speaking to everyone and being able to see them in a non-professional way.
    8:30 the next morning, I received an e-mail from one of my best friends, Michele Nelson, Cantor’s Benefits Specialist,

    oh yes….[naturally Michele is no longer with us either]


    But during his scarce time off, Mr. Goldflam devoted himself to his son and daughter, Josh and Ashley. “He just loved being around his children,” Mrs. Goldflam said. “He worked for us, basically.”
    His wife said that Mr. Goldflam had achieved all the goals he had set. He hoped for nothing less for his son.
    “He wanted me to get my business degree and try to get into finance or something similar,” said Josh Goldflam, 22, a senior at Indiana University majoring in management. “That’s what I’m doing.”

    May 5 2002

    Feb 14 2008

    Miss Rachel Ann Rosenblum, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rosenblum of Westfield and Avon- By-The-Sea, was married on Saturday, October 20, to Joshua Garett Goldflam. He is the son of Mrs. Rise Goldflam of Melville, N.Y. and the late Jeffrey Goldflam.
    The evening ceremony and reception took place at the Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange, with Rabbi Charles Kroloff and Cantor Martha Novick officiating

    No mention of remarriage

    Mrs G, now styled Rise Popper Goldflam not Risa

    Daughter Ashley:

    7. Tell us something interesting about yourself that your students do not know.
    Something interesting about myself that my students do not know is that I have the cutest two year old niece named Jolie Rose. She has red hair and brown eyes and a beautiful smile.


    Deborah Frankel Koch May and me think Ashley looks like Jeff!
    3 October 2014 at 01:39
    Rise Popper Goldflam she definitely does.. xo
    3 October 2014 at 01:57



    Son Josh:
    source: highcapgroup.com/about-us/mana…

  7. xileffilex

    Carlton Bartels was apparently a director of CantorCO2e Ltd, based at 1 America Square, London EC3N 2LS
    I’ll come back to the other directors later.
    Three names were chosen or their tribute site – first cache December 11 2001
    Adam White
    John Willet

    In 2010, Risk Waters – which allegedly hosted a meeting at Windows on the World on 9/11 – reported the cessation of UK activity of CantorCO2e

    As exchanges see a rise in carbon trade volumes, consolidation among brokers is expected. UK carbon trading firm CantorCO2e has announced the closure of its UK carbon trading desk in a move that experts say signals the beginning of a wave of consolidation in the market.

    Other directors of the UK arm who apparently lost their lives at 9/11 were Fred Varacchi [q.v.], Doug Gardner and Gary Lutnick.
    This triumverate doesn’t appear on the original 2001 tribute or the later one, with similar photos, albeit cropped in the earlier version
    Adam White, VP technology

    John Willett

    for some reason, Bartels has three images, including the bearded Eric Cantona lookalike version

    I am curious why the other triumverate was not included amongour friends and colleagues from our headquarters inside Cantor Fitzgerald on the 101st floor of One World Trade Center, New York, are lost following the disaster which struck on Tuesday 11 September 2001. – perhaps they were bigger hitters? I don’t think so.
    Bartels’ wife and daughters seem to be very quiet about 9/11.


    CO2e.com is a small, tightly knit team who all count each other as friends. This appalling event has left a huge hole in our hearts. We have received hundreds of enquiries, offers of support and tributes from friends and colleagues of John, Adam and Carlton, which stand as a true testament to them.
    If you would like to make a donation in memory of John, Adam or Carlton, their friends and families have nominated the following causes:
    Carlton Bartels:
    Carlton was closely involved Keewadin, a personal development camp for young men and women. Jane Bartels has asked that donations be made to the Keewadin scholarship fund.
    Please contact Gary Bartels at gbartels@con2.com.

    Adam White:
    Adam’s friends are collecting contributions to the Cantor Relief Fund in Adam’s name.
    Please contact Jeevan Ramapriya at jeevanr@hotmail.com.

    John Willett:
    John’s parents are establishing a scholarship fund for disadvantaged students in John’s name.

    Please contact : John Willett Scholarship Fund
    Julie A Martyr Attorney at Law 400 W Kansas Independence Missouri 64050 Tel. +1 816 836 0427

    Other directors of CantorCo2e in the UK were Lee Amaitis and Stephen Marcus Merkel [US citizens],
    Robert Falkner [counsel] and Stephen Mark Drummond, [director]
    Subsequent UK directors included members of of the Cantor web who were directors on 9/11 of other Cantor companies

    The CO2 trading opening page is here

    Speakers at pre-9/11 conferences

    * Hear CO2e.com speak at the events indicated

    19 – 25 August 2001
    Brighton, UK

    28 – 29 August 2001
    Frankfurt, Germany

    September 2001
    Ashridge, UK

    5 -6 September 2001
    Calgary, Canada

    19 – 20 September 2001
    New York, USA

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