Lucky Currents

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Anyone who questions what they are told is automatically called a 0;truther”?

In the wake of 64-year-old Diana Nyad completing her life-long dream of swimming the 110 miles between Cuba and Florida, some hardcore open-water swimmers are saying she had to have cheated.…

Amazed at all the occult in the story. Common sense says that the story is somewhat, if not totally, a hoax.

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1 thought on “Lucky Currents

  1. Blue Moon

    Just the name, Diana (Goddess of the Hunt) and Nyad (mythical nymph who presides over water) sounds too pat- Not sure why they’ve brought her out of mothballs after thirty plus years- More androgyny to “admire”- I wonder if this is some kind of prep for a 68 year old female president in ’16-


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