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9/11 drills drills drills

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Here’s governments pretending to be incompetent again:

Officials at Boston’s Logan Airport are apologizing for holding a fire drill, complete with smoke and flames, on the 12th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

via Boston airport apologizes for fire drill on 9/11 – Houston Chronicle.

On a local note, two schools I know of had a lockdown/blackout, and the other had a fire drill. Sure it was just a coincidence.

h/t Banazir

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Happy “Wake Someone Up Day” 9/11

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I’d really like to say something meaningful on this Occult Worship of the Dead day, 9/11. I could have also titled this post “Some good 9/11 news”, since I want this to be a positive post about what we’re told was a dreadful, dead-full, day.

9/11 is the focus of this blog, and as far as I can tell, will be, until an event supersedes it. That just may happen in our generation, but it’s hard to tell.

So what can a fakeologist follower do to of make this day meaningful? What can one do to make a positive out of a negative?

Well, the best news of all is that no-one died on 9/11 as we are told, as best as I can tell. That means it’s highly unlikely 3000 people, give or take a few hundred (they do), died that day. If no-one died, then that takes the sting out of the whole event.

How many media outlets, main stream and alternative, repeat that fact?

How many outlets follow the logic that if those that rule over us are lying about what happened on 9/11, then they’re probably lying about the whole thing. Why would you believe one aspect of the lie, but not another? That is completely illogical.

The second positive point about today is that technology is moving away from the TV, the weapon of mass deception of choice for that past 50 years. This makes for a more scattered audience, an audience that must pull their information, and not get it pushed to them. This presents a new challenge to those that rule over us. There is a far greater chance that those happy pullers are going to stumble on a site like this.

A third positive point is that it appears psyOps are revealing more clues. Either that or the pullers are spending more time looking for problems with these psy-stories and finding them. Perhaps there are even people on the bad side who are good, and like a hostage surreptitiously giving clues to the outside world, are trying to get more people to catch on to the fakery by leaving glaring fakery in plain sight.

Fourth, there is a growing group of human resources that weren’t exposed to the trauma based mind control that day of 9/11/2001. Therefore, they are only exposed to psychic driving of an official story that never made much sense. One of the fastest Western-based populations growing is of Muslim faith. Since they are the target of all this fakery, they are naturally more inclined not to believe, be defensive, and look for the real story. This is a whole group who are being well educated in the West who could help expose the lies.

So, there are many positive aspects on this 12th anniversary of 9/11. As my sign-off on Fakeologist Radio says, “since you’re aware, point others to our website, and let them discover a reality that they probably never knew existed.”

It’s the least you can do.

Many, many thanks to the content providers I link to every day. I make no secret of who I think is on the right track, and do my best to highlight the great work of others who can see what I see about who is doing what to whom. You know who they are by their link counts. Special thanks also to those that send me links (contact.fakeologist.com). I am always happy to give credit where credit is due.

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