ep63-9/11 with Jason Erb

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Showtime: Saturday, September 14, 2013 9:11pm EDT


ep63-911 Talk with Jason Erb

I’ll talk with Jason Erb of fauxcapitalist.com/ and delve into . We may also dabble in the hoax.

Here’s Jason’s latest show on 9/11: truthfrequencyradio.com/podcas…

Piercing the Fog of 9/11


Scott Forbes

South Tower Employee / 9/11 Eyewitness


From Jason:

parallels between 9/11 and aids scam
– a few people at the top of the scam, controlling it all
– emotional, fear-based response
– public bought into it for reasons unrelated to science or fact — those who thought it was punishment for homosexuals, do-gooder liberals
– loss of livelihood if you speak out
– control of media is key
– didn’t even need to create dissension intentionally — it arose naturally, because of high degree of specialization
– govt complicity throughout
– doesn’t matter how many people are in architects and engineers for 9/11 truth — the official narrative has been accepted and upheld by too many — comparison with Rethinking AIDS’ 2800
– doesn’t matter if you have a few top engineers speaking out, just like some top AIDS scientists
– average people’s opinions don’t matter much relative to 0;experts”
– federal control by criminal elements within govt
– tie-in of official position of govt agency — NIST report and CDC
– obvious shills in both — horowitz with aids, ace baker with 9/11

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3 thoughts on “ep63-9/11 with Jason Erb

  1. aralsea

    Finally heard this one the other day. This one had multiple good topics. Should possibly do a few separate shows focusing on “AIDS” and one on a breakdown/analysis of Fetzer (especially the Scott Forbes show).

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