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Casualties of the September 11 attacks   Wikipedia  the free encyclopediaWhile the were (and continue to be) all over the place with the final death count, it appears wikedpedia has settled on some fairly occult numbers. It says that 2977 died. Other sites like NIST have different numbers, so confusion and obfuscation are clearly being used to this day.

Casualties of the September 11 attacks – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

NIST reports that WTC 1 and 2 fell in 11 and 9 seconds respectively, while I’ve heard WTC 7 fell in 7.

FAQs   NIST WTC Towers InvestigationFAQs – NIST WTC Towers Investigation

The WTC 7 wikedpedia page is chock-a-block full of occultic numbers, too many to bother highlighting.…

All the collapse footage is clearly fabricated in a Hollywool-like studio, if not Hollywool itself. We can never know the real times of the of the entire 9 building structure.

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