Bosma murder accused fakery

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This story does nothing to help convince me the Tim Bosma murder 0;series” is real. For instance, what is the name of the reporter? Why isn’t that a big part of the story? Why is everything a secret? Here’s the photo of the “accused”. Typical , washed out, blurry, overexposed. Why are they in solitary confinement? It’s a perfect plan to make sure no-one in the jail system can know if they’re really there or not. Why mention that they are 85 kms (13 occult number) apart? What does that have to do with anything?

On a side note, I hear kijiji ads are way down due to the negative publicity of this story.

On the eve of their latest court appearance, accused killers Dellen Millard and Mark Smich — sitting in jail cells 85 kilometres apart — both say they want to tell their side of the story. But can’t.

In exclusive jailhouse interviews with the Hamilton Spectator this week — a visit Millard described as “precious” — both men accused of murdering Ancaster man Tim Bosma said they’ve been advised not to speak.

A reporter visited 28-year-old Millard at the Barton St. jail Tuesday evening, as continued to scour his North Dumfries farm — the spot where Bosma’s burned remains were recovered in May.

via Tim Bosma murder: Men accused of slaying say they want to tell their story, but can’t | Toronto Star.

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    More on the Bosma Ordeal

    Here is a 30 minute video interview with Sharlene Bosma with CBC’s Nil Kokal.

    It was a LONG 30 minutes, but certainly worth checking out,if your stomach can hack it.

    If it cannot, here’s some highlights:

    1:00 – Nil Kokal asks Sharlene “how do you feel today,about going to court”
    Sharlene Responds “sometimes there’s just things you just have to do”
    (refering to court,or possibly this whole charade).

    1:22 – Camera zooms in for that dramatic shot.

    5:17 – Here comes a tear…nope…maybe next time.

    6:35 – First plug for the “Project”.

    9:13 – Sharlene smiles then says “this project just…it feels good…and it
    feels right”.

    11:00 – The “whoops” moment….is it 2 or 3 of you? ….Cut!!!

    14:12 – Here comes the tears?..nope…another false alarm

    16:00 – Camera zooms in for another dramatic shot

    20:10 – Sharlene says “I miss everything…..except the way he used to cut his toenails”(laughs).
    (did she steal that play out of Robbie Parker’s(sandy Hoax) playbook from his first press conference….when he says “Emilie was always willing to try new things….other than food” joke (insert “the price is right” stumper music here).

    21:55 – Another reason from Sharlene for fools to give her your money.

    23:32 – Second plug for the “Project” aka Gimme Your Money!!! Fund
    (Notice how different her demeanor becomes whenever she speaks about her precious “project”)

    24:39 – “He Could Be Anybody”

    27:18 – Third plug for “Project MO Money Mo Money Mo Money” Fund – (Geez lady,have you no shame!)

    29:15 – Photo-Op time…..”smile”!

    30 minutes I wish I had back.Enjoy!

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