Don’t they have school pictures?

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Once more we have washed out, blurry, over exposed, horrible pictures. If you were a relative of these two, would you want these pictures published? Every year, professional pictures are taken at schools. Even if they didn’t go recently, they’d have a good picture from some year! Today’s camera phones are better than most full cameras only a few years back – and most teenagers have the latest. So to believe these two pictures is difficult, and is a prime indicator of fakery.

Reading the story does nothing but elevate a general fear level. Stay inside, stay tuned to your local TV scare channel and don’t talk to neighbors. Releasing a picture of a bike makes no sense – I can hardly describe my own bike let alone notice others’. Both victims names are also odd, and perhaps may hold clues to fakery.

Minor could be happening in your neighborhood. Just because it’s local doesn’t make it less likely to be minor fakery.

I’m convinced that the famous, worldwide still is a conditioner or pre-seed to psyOper-y. On my last call with Tom, he mentioned that ideas are seeded beforehand to equate an actual psyOp’s theme with ridicule. For instance, images of the twin towers being hit by planes were seeded for decades with comics and fantasy movies. So, when we finally saw it 0;happen on TV”, our minds were ready for it and accepted it.

Therefore, if we are told a ridiculous photo of the mayor hanging out with crackheads in a horrible, fuzzy, over exposed picture is true, then we are more likely to accept photos like the one below as true.

are the highest, most advanced form of warfare. They are also legal to use on the population they’re supposed to be protecting in the US. I don’t know about Canada but it sure looks like it’s legal here too.

The Homicide squad’s Det.-Sgt. Terry Browne said he knows the case that saw O’She Doyles-Whyte, 16, and Kwame Duodu, 15, gunned down in the middle of the afternoon on Aug. 23 outside Duodu’s front step at a townhome complex on Grandravine Dr. in North York is “very solvable.”

“There’s been a lot of community chatter about this homicide and what is consistent is that the person responsible, their name is being called out over and over,” he said. “I need someone to point out an individual. I need someone willing to stand up and say, ‘I was in the area that day and I saw either the incident or I saw these people on these bikes.’”

Browne released photos of the bicycles three suspects were believed to have fled the scene on to help jog the memory of anyone who may have seen the suspects previously or saw them fleeing the scene. The bikes were recovered by police in nearby Derrydowns Park.

via Police plead for witnesses to come forward after murder of Jane-Finch teens | Toronto Star.

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