Gold standard of evidence is youtube?

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I’ve been thinking this for days, after the new Syria meme of 1429 dead on 8/21 being trumpeted by Skull and Bonesman John Eff Kerry. ( wannabee for sure).

The point I want to make is that suddenly Youtube and Twitter are the gold standard of evidence. They’ve moved from jib jab and jibberish to war hearing level evidence. How did this happen? I know the entire younger generation lives on YT and 0;reality” TV, but this isn’t the real world! Video games are NOT REAL. Sadly we have a whole generation who may not believe that their virtual world is actually real, but they do live it daily.

Read the article and see if makes some sense to you. It does express thoughts that I may have not made clear.

It was easier to blame it on YouTube.

Last September, a YouTube video was blamed for several acts of war. This September, a war may be fought over a bunch of YouTube videos.

addressed the nation to rally support for his Syrian strikes. As evidence that “chemical weapons were used in Syria” he mentioned the “videos, cell phone pictures, and social media accounts from the attack.”


My comment:

This is a great article, something I’ve been thinking for days. I’m posting it at for my listeners and readers.

Keep in mind that it’s possible that BOTH sides are controlled by the same entity. If you believe, like I do, that the is rampant on both sides, why not take it to the next level and see that both sides are actually an artificial creation? Assad is an actor playing his role of Dr. Evil, as much as is playing the role of POTUS.

The real enemy is the people of all countries. They are being manipulated into division and being fleeced of their money at the same time. Let’s talk about that.

via Obama’s YouTube Wars | FrontPage Magazine.

A youtube on the 1429 number that I don’t really endorse but is fun to watch.

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