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Slot hoax?

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I’ve posted before that I am suspicious of the large lottery winners. While I am sure that there are lots of little winners, some or most of the bigger winnings are most likely total fabrications. This story is fully of magic numbers. Click the page above for an updated section on occult numerology. fakeologist.com/psyop-terms/oc…

She saw the Michael Jackson slot machine and knew she wanted to Beat It.

Kathryn Stokes won $1.8 million at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls playing a Jackson-themed slot machine Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s unbelievable,” said the 55-year-old. “This is only my second visit to Fallsview Casino. I chose this machine because I love Michael Jackson’s music and I was lucky to win a few hundred dollars the first time I played. This time I put in only $60.”

via Woman wins $1.8M at Niagara Falls casino | Home | Toronto Sun.

Another local murder hoax?

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Man charged with murder after allegedly stabbing firefighter in the head ‘without provocation’ at Toronto café   National PostDidn’t hear about this one over the weekend. Devil hand sign, occult numbers. Photoshop errors (including a big fish or shark in the water???). Highly suspicious.

Update: a friend of mine was in the area at the time and did see a police “event”. Beyond that no one can say what was going on. She did see someone on a stretcher.

Dominic Parker, 45, died from his wounds in hospital after he was attacked at 1:18 a.m. at Rotana Café in the Danforth and Coxwell Avenues area. Mr. Parker was taken to St. Michael’s Hospital around 2 a.m., and died from severe head wounds shortly after midnight Sunday. Police have charged a 23-year-old man with first-degree murder.

via Man charged with murder after allegedly stabbing firefighter in the head ‘without provocation’ at Toronto café | National Post.






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13,000 birds

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Of course there are an occult number of satellites floating around this “globe”. The reason given that these floating pieces of faith never interfere with each other or anything else we are told blasts off and out is that they are sooo far out. This gives them plenty elbow room. I believe the data is supplied by NASA to Google, two peas in the same military pod.

h/t Banazir

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Navy Yard Hoax chat

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Talked with Chris from OK on the latest psyOp for a bit.

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TalkShoe – Call – Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory?.

Let’s face this

likes this

No wonder our parents were scared sh*tless.

“Let’s face it – the threat of hydrogen bomb warfare is the greatest danger our nation has ever known”

Hollywool at its best from “Lookout Mountain Studios”.

“What will you do? What will happen to you?”

Declassified U.S. Nuclear Test Film #55 – YouTube.

h/t El Buggo

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