Navy Yard Hoax chat

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Talked with Chris from OK on the latest for a bit.

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TalkShoe – Call – Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory?.

2 thoughts on “Navy Yard Hoax chat

  1. Blue Moon

    CNN spent a lot of time late last night obsessing about background checks- If this op was about anything, I think its a push for more invasive info searches- The gun control thing Chris is fixing on is a given, but the ongoing construction of this sim shooter’s bio will stress the need to keep more comprehensive data on everyone, because as we see here, anyone can go nuts, right? (Conveniently, the op took place in a completely controlled environment)
    Another thing: Like Christopher Dorner, the Rambo cop that went berserk in LA earlier this year, which revealed that even ex-cops with a dishonorable discharge can own banned assault weapons, this sim is military- Two cultures that have the training and weapons access, police and military, are now being targeted-

  2. tsisageya

    I guess I must be super smart now, because I understood immediately that this was hogwash. Of course, with these psychopaths, you never know. I suppose that’s the imbalance and confusion they so strive for, them being the empire, and all.


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