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Physics anyone?

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Can someone explain if a bus weighing around 33,000 lbs can knock a locomotive weighing 268,800 lbs off the tracks like this?



Locomotives – P42DC | VIA Rail

Photos: Deadly crash between Via Rail and OC Transpo bus.

Ottawa train and bus crash event

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Fakeologists, start digging.

At least five people are dead after a Via Rail train and an Ottawa city collided in the city’s southwest end Wednesday morning, Ottawa Fire says. Witnesses say the bus appeared to run through warning symbols at a train crossing.

The front end of the double-decker OC Transpo bus is severely damaged, images from the scene near Woodroffe Avenue and Fallowfield Road show. Witnesses say the front part of the bus was ripped off by the impact, which occurred in the middle of the morning commute, at about 8:50 a.m. (13)

via VIA train and Ottawa city bus collide during morning commute, at least five dead | National Post.

If this is a staged event, then perhaps we are already seeing a campaign for more “grade separation” bridge projects.

Gillian Grace10 MINUTES AGO

Some more from the Citizen: “In 2002, then-mayor Bob Chiarelli described the intersection of tracks and road as ‘a very, very severe public safety issue.’”

Picture looks like a composite.

VIA train and Ottawa city bus collide during morning commute  at least five dead   National Post

There are many elements that make this looked staged. The placement of the bus and train don’t look like a hit. How did the crossing gate go unscathed? Where’s the blood?

The twitter “proof” does not seem authentic either. Too many tweets with the typical simBuzzwords.

This is psyOp week in the nation’s capitals it seems. Both Ottawa and Washington. We have our VIA crashes, they have their shootings.

Does anyone know if there is a website outlining emergency drills in Canada or Ontario? Janky J has the US drill screenscap:


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Earth revolution

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Google is promoting this on their search doodle today. Never thought about this much, but of course, one has to question everything since our controllers are such great liars. An odd story about Leon as well. Are all inventors nutty professors?

Leon Foucault, the world’s most important swinger who grew from a poor student into a groundbreaking physicist, is celebrated today in an interactive Google Doodle.

via Google Doodle: Leon Foucault, the man who proved the Earth revolves | Toronto Star.

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ep64-911 and Mozart with Robert Newman

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ep64-911-and-Mozart-with-Robert Newman


 Showtime: Saturday, September 21, 0611h EDT 

A morning show to accommodate our UK guest Robert Newman. Continue reading

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Lux on the 60s

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Lux, great essay on the 60s. It is instructive to learn from the past to predict the future, and you did a great summary over on cluesforum.info.

Being old enough to have lived through the 1960s-70s Viet Nam War era and residing in the politically intense San Francisco Bay Area to boot, I could probably fill a book with my thoughts on this topic (but relax, I won’t), not to mention many other interconnected political and social forces going on at the same time. The decade was one hell of a socially chaotic period in the USA’s history and one which has a great deal to do with the current state of American culture and mind-set.

via Viet Nam War • Cluesforum.info.

Go read the whole thing.

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