Ottawa train and bus crash event

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Fakeologists, start digging.

At least five people are dead after a Via Rail train and an Ottawa city collided in the city’s southwest end Wednesday morning, Ottawa Fire says. Witnesses say the bus appeared to run through warning symbols at a train crossing.

The front end of the double-decker OC Transpo bus is severely damaged, images from the scene near Woodroffe Avenue and Fallowfield Road show. Witnesses say the front part of the bus was ripped off by the impact, which occurred in the middle of the morning commute, at about 8:50 a.m. (13)

via VIA train and Ottawa city bus collide during morning commute, at least five dead | National Post.

If this is a staged event, then perhaps we are already seeing a campaign for more 0;grade separation” bridge projects.

Gillian Grace10 MINUTES AGO

Some more from the Citizen: “In 2002, then-mayor Bob Chiarelli described the intersection of tracks and road as ‘a very, very severe public safety issue.’”

Picture looks like a composite.

VIA train and Ottawa city bus collide during morning commute  at least five dead   National Post

There are many elements that make this looked staged. The placement of the bus and train don’t look like a hit. How did the crossing gate go unscathed? Where’s the blood?

The twitter “proof” does not seem authentic either. Too many tweets with the typical simBuzzwords.

This is week in the nation’s capitals it seems. Both Ottawa and Washington. We have our VIA crashes, they have their shootings.

Does anyone know if there is a website outlining emergency drills in Canada or Ontario? Janky J has the US drill screenscap:…

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4 thoughts on “Ottawa train and bus crash event

  1. ab Post author

    From a reader:…

    There don’t seem to be any ambulances. Always a lot of guys hanging around not in panic mode if there were injuries. Apparently bus collided with train. I don:t think a bus going at that speed would derail a train. Bus wouldn’t have the weight. Also train derailed further down from bus. One site had 6 dead, 13 injured.

  2. JohnnyClues

    Video – a witness speaks


    5 sec – So the train smashed and “mangled” the front of the bus…shouldn’t the bus be in a different location or position, since a train just smashed into it? The bus almost looks like a prop put in that spot. -IMO

    48 sec – “…not a big deal for the folks on the train….” (folks weren’t even a little traumatized by hitting a bus?)

    1:04 – The number of deceased has been updated to 6 (as of sept 18/2013 – 12:54pm EST)

    1:15 – “Un-dramatic”

    1:39 – “Not much”…”a little clip sound…and then a rumble”

    1:51 – “it was all very un-dramatic”

    2:38 – “all just sat there” ( really? no commotion at all?)

    2:44 – Question – “was there a horn sound or any indication that there was, you know, someone in someone else’s way?”
    Answer – “No,not that I heard anyway.”

    5:05 – One more question for you….
    “How quickly did emergency responders get to the scene…how quickly did that turn into ” A SITE OF CONTROLLED CHAOS”, if you will?”
    Answer – “Yea, quickly, within a minute, very quickly.…

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