Physics anyone?

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Can someone explain if a bus weighing around 33,000 lbs can knock a locomotive weighing 268,800 lbs off the tracks like this?……

Locomotives – P42DC | VIA Rail

Photos: Deadly crash between Via Rail and OC Transpo bus.

1 thought on “Physics anyone?

  1. lux

    I can’t make sense out of the photos. Looks like only a couple of feet of the the front of the bus was damaged but CNN says “six dead and at least 34 others injured.” And, they were all on the bus.

    So, 40 people were in that small space at the front of the bus? Must have been some crowded bus! I don’t see how people further back would be affected much. The bus doesn’t look like it even moved which is odd in itself as it supposedly crashed into the moving train. Seems like it would be pulled to one side by the train’s motion and there would be skid marks on the road too. But the bus is still pointing right at the tracks like it didn’t move at all.

    And, as usual I saw no blood in any of the photos of “dead” and “injured.”

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