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More realistic bus train crash?

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The Ottawa VIA bus crash had many mistakes that indicate fakery. In fact, it may not be much better than this one:

via Dangers of ignoring railway crossing warnings: School bus and train collide – YouTube.

h/t Virginia

A few more bus train vids

We know trolls

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Youtube is infested with them. So far we’ve been pretty lucky here.

You’ve probably run into them before — those seemingly random antagonizers who always end up diverting the conversation in an online chat room or article comment section away from the issue at hand, and towards a much different agenda. Hot-button issues like illegal immigration, the two-party political system, the “war on terror” and even alternative medicine are among the most common targets of such attackers, known as internet “trolls” or “shills,” who in many cases are nothing more than paid lackeys hired by the federal government and other international organizations to sway and ultimately control public opinion.

via Federal government routinely hires internet trolls, shills to monitor chat rooms, disrupt article comment sections.

h/t http://jankyj.blogspot.com/2013/09/big-surprise.html

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The JC Psyop

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A listener pointed me to Joseph Atwill and his research on Jesus Christ. Could this be the biggest psyOp of all time? If it isn’t the biggest, then it certainly must be among the most controversial.

Once again, this is all made possible by the 9/11 media hoax. What an ant-hill they kicked over.

Discussing “Caesar’s Messiah” – a book by Joseph Atwill that reveals a new and revolutionary understanding of the origin of Christianity, who was the real Jesus, what is the New Testament, and when Christ’s second coming occurred.

via Thank You to our Radio Show Listeners! | Joseph Atwill’s Blog.

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Set it straight? I doubt it

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was he even a real person? I doubt he was the West’s enemy – ever.

Whenever you see one movie telling you it’s the real truth, beware. I will never tell you I have the real truth of 9/11. I have my best guess, using the great minds I read and talk to. You make up your own mind using the tools we are given.

The “official” Iranian hostage story of 1979 is probably just as much fiction as the Argo movie.

My comment on their website: (you should comment too)

They’re both movies. Both created by Hollywool. So one is more fictive than the other? How do we know? Which is closer to the truth? Search for controlled opposition and realize neither account is accurate. All revolutions are controlled, and Iran’s was no exception. fakeologist.com

via No Argo here: New doc sets the record straight on the Iran hostage crisis – The Globe and Mail.

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I love your show, sort of.  I think you are an intelligent guy but you come out with some really off the wall statements.  One in particular is that there is no radiation.  Have you ever had an x-ray?  How do you think stars work.  Vyzygoth (Keith Hansen) thinks that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fire bombed.  Ok, I respect Keith and I think that is a thought worth considering.  But to question the very existence of radio-active materials and radiation is going to far.  You can work out the properties of Mendeleev’s table with jr. high math.  You can also buy, or make your own Geiger counter and check out deposits of uranium even in your own province.  You can even check for radon in yours, and your neighbor’s home.

Home-made Geiger counter:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7_-zR8tbJs

Map of production of uranium in your country and province:  www.world-nuclear.org/info/Country-Profiles/Countries-A-F/Canada–Uranium/#.Uji8xMbOkpg

Geiger Counter as low as $35 U.S. on Ebay: www.ebay.com/itm/Geiger-Counter-Radiation-Survey-Meter-715-/320979870529?pt=BI_Security_Fire_Protection&hash=item4abbe42341

I think you are an incredibly smart guy and it is a real waste of your talent to suck on your eye tooth and just excrete wild notions from the back of your glands.

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