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I love your show, sort of.  I think you are an intelligent guy but you come out with some really off the wall statements.  One in particular is that there is no radiation.  Have you ever had an x-ray?  How do you think stars work.  Vyzygoth (Keith Hansen) thinks that and Nagasaki were fire bombed.  Ok, I respect Keith and I think that is a thought worth considering.  But to question the very existence of radio-active materials and radiation is going to far.  You can work out the properties of Mendeleev’s table with jr. high math.  You can also buy, or make your own Geiger counter and check out deposits of uranium even in your own province.  You can even check for radon in yours, and your neighbor’s home.

Home-made Geiger counter:

Map of production of uranium in your country and province:–Uranium/#.Uji8xMbOkpg

Geiger Counter as low as $35 U.S. on Ebay:

I think you are an incredibly smart guy and it is a real waste of your talent to suck on your eye tooth and just excrete wild notions from the back of your glands.

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