Set it straight? I doubt it

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was he even a real person? I doubt he was the West’s enemy – ever.

Whenever you see one movie telling you it’s the real truth, beware. I will never tell you I have the real truth of . I have my best guess, using the great minds I read and talk to. You make up your own mind using the tools we are given.

The 0;official” Iranian hostage story of 1979 is probably just as much fiction as the Argo movie.

My comment on their website: (you should comment too)

They’re both movies. Both created by Hollywool. So one is more fictive than the other? How do we know? Which is closer to the truth? Search for controlled opposition and realize neither account is accurate. All revolutions are controlled, and ’s was no exception.

via No Argo here: New doc sets the record straight on the Iran hostage crisis – The Globe and Mail.

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