The JC Psyop

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A listener pointed me to Joseph Atwill and his research on Jesus Christ. Could this be the biggest of all time? If it isn’t the biggest, then it certainly must be among the most controversial.

Once again, this is all made possible by the media hoax. What an ant-hill they kicked over.

Discussing 0;Caesar’s Messiah” – a book by Joseph Atwill that reveals a new and revolutionary understanding of the origin of Christianity, who was the real Jesus, what is the New Testament, and when Christ’s second coming occurred.

via Thank You to our Radio Show Listeners! | Joseph Atwill’s Blog.

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3 thoughts on “The JC Psyop

  1. Blue Moon

    JC is all things to all researchers- A pacifist replacement for militant Judaism- A mushroom eating celibate- A fourth century back dated fiction- A figment of Saul/Paul/Faul of Tarsus intelligence agent’s imagination- The bastard offspring of a centurion and his favorite prostitute- With only the oft rewritten gospels and oft tampered with Josephus and a few fragments, there isn’t much else to go on- And today JC is so malleable in the hands of fundamentalist zealots and Xtian zombies that whatever archetypal juice he may have had, its all dried up now-

  2. I_Gestalta

    It seems my replies keep getting lost. Fascinating.

    Nothing insidious. I’ve got a copy here:
    Any researchers with merely a passing interest in this subject will have doubtlessly familiarized themselves with the works of Tacitus, Pliny and Suetonius. To claim that Jesus Christ was the satirical musing of a Roman emperor is to completely disregard the academic value of all of the aforementioned. This hypothesis is as nonsensical (and almost identical) to the “Piso Family” thesis, or the “research” of Acharya S.

    Even the staunchest of educated atheists and agnostics would refuse to interact with this poor excuse for scholarly research, as this tripe serves only to damage any intellectual credibility the atheist academic community has.

    1. ab Post author

      I have to admit my interest level is low on this subject, but I find the discussion fascinating from a population control point of view. I couldn’t give you many details about religion or Jesus Christ either. If nothing else I found this discussion on Red Ice Radio fascinating to listen to.

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