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ep64a-911 with Aybesea

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ep64a-911 Talk with Aybesea

Recorded time: Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pre-recorded call with Tim (Aybesea)

We’ll discuss 9/11 and the latest Navy Yard PsyOp

AybeSea: DC shooter – victim real ???

• Martin Bodrog, 54, of Annandale, Virginia, grew up in New Jersey, Indiana and Massachusetts and graduated from the Naval Academy in 1981 before serving 22 years in the military, where he received numerous awards and medals, according to a family statement. After his career, he oversaw the design and procurement of ships for the Navy.

Bodrog and his family (wife of 23 years, Melanie, and daughters Isabel, 23, Sophie, 17, and Rita, 16) taught Sunday school for preschoolers, and he was active in Young Life, a Christian outreach group for high school students.

It was common to see him, in all weather, wearing shorts and a Boston Bruins jersey, walking his dog and helping shovel snow out of his elderly neighbors’ driveways.

“He was such a great man,” Selma Nunes, a friend of Bodrog’s, told CNN’s Erin Burnett. “Everything he did was purposeful, meaningful, and was intentional, and because of that he did everything with excellence.”

“So many people have regrets, and I can say with confidence that he lived the American dream,” she said.

PsyOp Histogram: http://bit.ly/18ic0iZ


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MSM media promotes the worst “conspiracy theories”

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Trying to divert and subvert the critical thinkers ASAP, here’s the Navy Yard Hoax MSM flypaper:

But before (and even after) the details of Alexis’ difficult past emerged, many people on the fringe had instead opted for a range of conspiracy theories — just as they did in the Sandy Hook massacre, the Aurora, CO movie theatre shooting, and even 9/11. The conflicting reports as to whether the shooter was a civilian or a servicemember, the number of shooters involved, the incorrect identification of the suspect, and a whole host of other unanswered questions were all fodder for conspiracy theorists of varying intensity to take to Twitter, YouTubediscussion boards, blogs, and other online outlets to assert the sometimes absurd and the sometimes plausible. For some, it was a “false flag,” a covert military operation:

via Conspiracy Theories Abound After Navy Yard Shooting | Danger Room | Wired.com.

Are there really “amateur” scientists?

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Not sure what the purpose of this bit of silliness is:

Two Danes who hope to send a man into space with a home-made rocket are heirs to a tradition of DIY science, says Tom Chivers

via Danish engineers plan to send astronaut into space in homemade rocket made from cork, duct tape.

Since the article brings it up, I wonder if the “amateurs” who bring us our “greatest discoveries” are themselves just fictive characters to make it seem that anyone can discover monumental theories or inventions, even randomly.

It makes more sense that since most or all the money in the US goes to the military, that statistically they would come up with most or all of the useful (killing) inventions.

A hundred years ago, all this wouldn’t have seemed so strange. The first few centuries of scientific discovery were led not by corporations or even universities, but by enthusiastic amateurs in garden sheds and garages — or the period equivalent.

h/t Banazir

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SARS player out

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Another lead figure in the mysterious SARS scare movie has exited the stage.

While he was always cognizant of the fact that SARS ended 44 lives and permanently altered others, for Low, a microbiologist, being at an epicentre of the outbreak of a new infectious disease was a career highlight.

via Dr. Donald Low, key figure in SARS battle, dies at 68 | Toronto Star.

Odd how both he and Dr, Sheila Basur both died of cancer.

Equally odd how quickly SARS came and went off the media stage. Reminds me of another 4 letter word: AIDS.

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Close but not fakeologists

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I always try and listen to other podcasts. Noagenda is pretty good, as it mixes technology with current events, two of my main interests.

While discussing the Navy Yard Hoax, however, Adam, who’s guffawing and laughing are difficult to take, is constantly bringing up MK Ultra, project Monarch, and other mind control deceptions. While I’m sure they’ve tried, through drugs and electroshock, to modify and control people, I really doubt its effectiveness. Just the concept is enough to deceive and frighten people.

His thesis is that the simPerp in this case was mind controlled to an extent to commit the shooting. Never once does he question the fact that the shooting really happened (or that it was a drill gone live). John seems to go along.

With all their research and “donations”, it’s hard to accept that they don’t use occam’s razr to reach the fakeology conclusion. To not even dabble in the notion raises serious concerns, especially since they’re coming up on their 6th anniversary.

I have been doing this for just over a year and I’ve already reached the whole Christianity psyOp! Therefore, sadly, it appears noagendashow is a limited hangout, or controlled opposition.

It’s still ok to listen to, but equally important to be aware and be careful to filter the information.

No Agenda 549 – Associative Propaganda.

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A decent NASA proposal

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Simon says:

I often think of ways to get people to see through this NASA bull/frog/& bat crap in the blink of an eye. In my view, to show any living person the above series of “SPACE-X launches” with assorted animals and insects invading the lens view – well, that should be more than enough to shake ANYONE out of his/her most solid beliefs in NASA’s purported activities – however deeply those beliefs have been hammered/injected /ingrained in their minds throughout their lifetimes. As much as I hate to use the “IQ” word, I think all human beings have enough of it to see right through the NASA silliness – given a chance.

May I propose an idea to all our forum’s members and readers? All of you – surely – have a number of friends, family or neighbors around you. So why not invite one – or more – to view these purported rocket launches featuring spiders, locusts, frogs and bats – and see what they think of it?

via The Moon Hoax • Cluesforum.info.

I’m game Simon. Let’s try.



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