A decent NASA proposal

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Simon says:

I often think of ways to get people to see through this bull/frog/& bat crap in the blink of an eye. In my view, to show any living person the above series of 0;SPACE-X launches” with assorted animals and insects invading the lens view – well, that should be more than enough to shake ANYONE out of his/her most solid beliefs in NASA’s purported activities – however deeply those beliefs have been hammered/injected /ingrained in their minds throughout their lifetimes. As much as I hate to use the “IQ” word, I think all human beings have enough of it to see right through the NASA silliness – given a chance.

May I propose an idea to all our forum’s members and readers? All of you – surely – have a number of friends, family or neighbors around you. So why not invite one – or more – to view these purported rocket launches featuring spiders, locusts, frogs and bats – and see what they think of it?

via The Moon Hoax • Cluesforum.info.

I’m game Simon. Let’s try.



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