Are there really “amateur” scientists?

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Not sure what the purpose of this bit of silliness is:

Two Danes who hope to send a man into space with a home-made rocket are heirs to a tradition of DIY science, says Tom Chivers

via Danish engineers plan to send astronaut into space in homemade rocket made from cork, duct tape.

Since the article brings it up, I wonder if the 0;amateurs” who bring us our “greatest discoveries” are themselves just fictive characters to make it seem that anyone can discover monumental theories or inventions, even randomly.

It makes more sense that since most or all the money in the US goes to the military, that statistically they would come up with most or all of the useful (killing) inventions.

A hundred years ago, all this wouldn’t have seemed so strange. The first few centuries of scientific discovery were led not by corporations or even universities, but by enthusiastic amateurs in garden sheds and garages — or the period equivalent.

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