Close but not fakeologists

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I always try and listen to other podcasts. Noagenda is pretty good, as it mixes technology with current events, two of my main interests.

While discussing the , however, Adam, who’s guffawing and laughing are difficult to take, is constantly bringing up MK Ultra, project Monarch, and other mind control deceptions. While I’m sure they’ve tried, through drugs and electroshock, to modify and control people, I really doubt its effectiveness. Just the concept is enough to deceive and frighten people.

His thesis is that the simPerp in this case was mind controlled to an extent to commit the shooting. Never once does he question the fact that the shooting really happened (or that it was a drill gone live). John seems to go along.

With all their research and 0;donations”, it’s hard to accept that they don’t use occam’s razr to reach the fakeology conclusion. To not even dabble in the notion raises serious concerns, especially since they’re coming up on their 6th anniversary.

I have been doing this for just over a year and I’ve already reached the whole Christianity ! Therefore, sadly, it appears noagendashow is a limited hangout, or controlled opposition.

It’s still ok to listen to, but equally important to be aware and be careful to filter the information.

No Agenda 549 – Associative Propaganda.

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2 thoughts on “Close but not fakeologists

  1. smj

    i can’t take anyone who peddles “serious” political commentary seriously. they sound like children talking about santa claus, but without the sincerity.

  2. aybesea

    I called these guys out over a year ago. check my blurb on talkshoe.. There are selling nonsense.

    Adam Curry is like Charlie Sheen in the Netherlands as far his celebrity goes.. he’s huge!!!! So, in the states he gives this bullshit rap that he gave away all his money..blah blah.. These two clowns are raking in the cash. There is no need to listen to any big name podcast.. the nuggets are NOT worth the bullshit, in my opinion. Plus one (Goldmember) guy who simply loves them. should be the first clue these two Git mo are not trust worthy. just because they hint at fakery does make them credible. Most in this group just turned into little fanboys because they thought…hey!! I’m not the only one calling fakery. Since they are High profile everyone let their guard down and sipped the kool aid….

    they are no better than any other shillster on the truth market.. They have an audience and they are laughing all the way to the bank..

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