ep64a-911 with Aybesea

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ep64a-911 Talk with Aybesea

Recorded time: Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pre-recorded call with Tim (Aybesea)

We’ll discuss and the latest

AybeSea: DC shooter – victim real ???

• Martin Bodrog, 54, of Annandale, Virginia, grew up in New Jersey, Indiana and Massachusetts and graduated from the Naval Academy in 1981 before serving years in the military, where he received numerous awards and medals, according to a family statement. After his career, he oversaw the design and procurement of ships for the Navy.

Bodrog and his family (wife of 23 years, Melanie, and daughters Isabel, 23, Sophie, 17, and Rita, 16) taught Sunday school for preschoolers, and he was active in Young Life, a Christian outreach group for high school students.

It was common to see him, in all weather, wearing shorts and a jersey, walking his dog and helping shovel snow out of his elderly neighbors’ driveways.

“He was such a great man,” Selma Nunes, a friend of Bodrog’s, told CNN’s Erin Burnett. “Everything he did was purposeful, meaningful, and was intentional, and because of that he did everything with excellence.”

“So many people have regrets, and I can say with confidence that he lived the American dream,” she said.

Histogram: http://bit.ly/18ic0iZ


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17 thoughts on “ep64a-911 with Aybesea

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  2. aybesea

    Ok, If any of you have any questions for me or Ab pertaining to this shows topics, post them in here. I will address the ones posted above by this rickpotvin person.. thanks for listening.

    1. rickpotvin

      Hi ABC (if I can use that)– or JankyJ — You wrote in your blog that NASA pictures are ALL fake… so it would seem that you’d be 100% with Shack, and Ab on 9/11 pics/video as all fake as well rather than going around in circles on it. How did you feel about NASA’s fakery– and why not just apply the same mindset to 9/11?

      Nasa Space Photoshopped
      I am of the opinion that ALL of the “space” pictures NASA gives us are ALL
      photo shop creation..

      My outline notes on your interview are just that– rough notes– that I’ll fill in over time and where anyone else can post too— the outline format being useful. I created the forum on the morning of 9/11 and it contains m¥ initial reactions. Tues was my day off and I was on TV and this forum all day!

      Here’s my quote of you saying ALL Nasa photos are fake.

      P.S. I’m Rick Potvin– it’s ok to call me Rick or RickP. — but “this rickpotvin person” is a tiny bit off the mark… not that being called a person is a bad thing. Paradoxically, it just seems a bit DEpersonalizing the way you wrote it.

      1. aybesea

        You seem to be a really big fanboy of Shack. A stance I do not share. You, siting all these sources of mine about things I say is a bit odd. Like you’re trying to “get me” on something. Trying to make me a perp.. I am flattered by the attention……

        I am not a truth guru. I do not sell anything nor promote anything Further I do align myself with anybody. I am an independent investigator . My blog is a journal of travel I am on, nothing more. If you enjoy it, that’s great. But picking every word ,sentence, title, I say or write apart is not needed. Your attention should be more focused on other matters. Finding you own way, with out gurus…

        Just because I do not like shack, who appears to be the guru for your awakening, you cannot fathom someone else not seeing the “light” with your guru… His influence is putting blinders on you.

        911 is not 100% fake.. Nasa’s deep space images are photo-shopped, something admitted on their website.. That’s the difference… So my title of “Nasa’s images all fake” is accurate to a degree. I didn’t think I needed to pick apart every single picture. I should have made it more clear by saying “Nasa Hubble Deep Space Pictures are Photo-shopped” My mistake….

        I meant no disrespect by saying ” this rickpotvin person” for all I knew you could be a bot.. That’s why I wrote it that way.

        1. rickpotvin

          Hi ABC– I’m not trying to get you– just making observations on things that stand out in my mind– and notating them. I want to understand where we’re in agreement and where not. I treat your own set of insights like any other writer I zero in on for a bit– looking at a person’s views as a case study. My focus will likely move on very soon– I won’t make a long term study of your case.

          I don’t treat Shack as guru but rather someone who consistently says things that ring a bell with me. I really got into his exposee of how fake the Curiosity Mars Lander is– for example– and took an angle of ripping into the approach speed of 18,000 mph and calculating that it couldn’t have slowed down with a parachute in Mars’ thin atmosphere in the time NASA said. Shack wasn’t impressed with my proof and tended to focus on the photos as fake, like 9/11. Eventually I ended up posting so much on that threat that his people kicked me off his forum and then banned me!? I still don’t understand why. So– to say I’m a guru follower or fanboy ignores my own fights with Shack still documented on the Clues forums! His “breakthrough” concept of photo/video/victim fakery is relatlvely a stunning overall coup however– and I’m in love with the concept– not the person. In fact, it was Markus Allen who got me started on the fakery idea– which led me to Shack.

          On NASA– this is an increasingly serious problematic org… not only did they fake the Apollo moon landings– but they faked the Gemini, Ranger and Shuttle projects too. Shack gets into Shuttle fakery quite nicely. I’ve done my own thinking on how John Glen could possibly have slowed from 12,000 mph to a landing and I don’t think it’s possible. The CONCEPT that Shack and Abirato are considering is a HUGE problem– as Abirato says– it concerns the BIG PICTURE…. which is — are ALL the extensions of what we THINK we “know” merely concoctions? This is why Shack’s re-examination of the solar system is useful… but I began THAT reconsideration with Dr. Bhat who points out that the planets have to FOLLOW the sun which HAS to be MOVING through space– the plants following in a helix. I’ve also looked at HOLLOW EARTH– which seems retarded at first– but actually is quite internally consistent. And then Ab and someone else looked at the problem of “is the earth really rotating”?

          So– I think I’m asking questions– with the help of Shack and others… many others now including Tim Abirato– about how we know what we’ve been told about ANYTHING is true. We actually then have to go to PLATO who you covered recently pointing out that ATLANTIS could be a myth– not a reality. So I’m looking at your thinking a bit more deeply– and isn’t that what you want others to do– since you write your blog for others to read– ostensibly that’s why we write, right?

          You’ve got some great ideas and I enjoyed your interview with Ab.

  3. Aaron Johnson

    That was an interesting call you did with Tim. One of the parts I connected with was when Tim said he had a coworker who was a family friend of someone who died in the Navy Yard Hoax. I’m not sure if you are aware of the 2009 shooting of a young man named Oscar Grant in Oakland, California but I know of two people who said they had connections to him. Either they knew Oscar personally or knew of someone who knew him. Based on what I’ve seen, the whole thing was a hoax but it seems that Oscar Grant was a real person so I wonder what really happened to him.

    1. rickpotvin

      That’s funny— that “we” to refer to “me” is a habit I picked up from a guy I worked for one time in the printing business. He was a one man operation but when he referred to his business to his clients or me, he would use “we”– sort of indicating the operation he runs as it is co-operated with him and people he contracts to get jobs done with. When I refer to “we”, I actually mean “me”. I’m not sure exactly why I do that– maybe it sounds more impressive– or maybe I consider my notes as a collection of others’ quotes– so compose myself as a collective. It’s just me, however.

    1. rickpotvin

      Hi TimABC– my moniker for you. Good interview. The electronic jamming on 9/11 is a key element of Simon’s argument. I now dismiss all images. I’ve viewed many through fotoforensics.com… photo forensics being increasngly important in crime investigation now. The photos and videos are alll fake. Nothing is real, as the Beatles said in Strawberry Fields… “nothing you can hum about”.

      Paid witnesses disgust me since I’ve always tried to put truth on a high pedestal but it’s believable that all witnesses are paid actors. I studied the Quebec train derailment in depth and saw tell tale signs of paid witnesses appearing non genuine on Youtube. The Apollo 9 astronaut interview I first saw on Youtube in 2010 or so proved to me that these yokels were NOT excited. I collected moon landing articles as a kid and missed this interview. Youtube changes history by letting us review it. The Apollo astroNOTS were paid or threatened… just like 9/11 “witnesses”.

      YOU– have a very deep blog. Why would you minimize it? That’s my number one question to you. You deal with historical topics going back to Babylon. This is deep. You use the J-word too. I’ll be reading more of you. Tim AbIrato referred to my blog as containing “hate’ references but I do not “hate”– I merely objectively try to decipher what the online new sources now avail. to us are pointing to. We have to rise above the “emotive” (which hate is– an emotion) castigations to get to the core logic.

    2. ab Post author

      Hi Tim,
      Do I like Rick’s notes? I like that he’s interested enough to take notes, and they seem complimentary enough in general to all involved. I was actually more annoyed with his format, and told him so.

  4. ab Post author

    I like your notes, but they are odd in that the subject of a message is the message. There are many other better apps to make notes – the forum software you are using doesn’t make sense.

    Perhaps even google docs would be smarter if you don’t want to post the comment here, or create a free blog and do a post.

    1. rickpotvin

      I’ll refine my notes and post conclusions in your comments section here. Just thought you might like to see the notes but if not– we’re okay with that too.

      Point #1. Mr. ABC has a very deep and insightful blog and his denigration of his own blog that you yourself challanged him to NOT do– was notable. Good work.

      Point #2. TimABC does not buy Shack’s complete 9/11 fakery– he admits he’s torn. When I ran through Shack, my brain lit up with revelation— that was it! There was an electronic jamming that day– nothing was real as told. Shack’s theory is the kinpin theory in my view. Nothing trumps it. Working backwards through minor ops and historical ops like Boston, Curiosity and Apollo, the Shuttle, Nuclear etc– it ALL lines up in a fantastically amazing NEW WAY to understand the world-at large! I’m not torn. I’m head over heels in love. I first ran into 9/11 fakery however via Markus’s account via a google search on 9/11 fake sometimes in 2011.

      Point #3. My new keystone is– “Is it possible to fake this?”. This solves a lot of epistemological problems. The degree to which people go to fake stuff is truly astounding however. I could never do it.

      Point #4. I’ll keep my notes in the forum outline to myself and deliver my best synthesis to your comments section here. Thanks for at least looking. I’ve used network54 since 1996 and am not about to change my note-taking method.

    1. ala samoan

      You have to be able to form your own opinions. (He doesn’t refer to how we know things). He refers to Jews or Jesuits. He refers to being a “planer”… and just being “strong”… (Note Ayb is anonymous too– who is he?). RECALL… Ayb doesn’t believe in FAKERY on 9/11 neccessarily.

      Tim: Who puts the sheisters there?

      Ayb.. Some are put there, others are jerkoffs… not CIA paid. They’re making a quick buck. (NOTICE NO PRECISE REFERENCES)

      Tim refers… to Ayb’s blog?

      Are you serious, I think you should of kept your private notes, private.

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