Musicologist study of Pop perps

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Rense on the pop sellouts who are pumping out more than 0;”. If Mozart was an invention, at least it was difficult to notice any “Satanic” influences.

…I guess I do sound a bit like Rense. Anyone know his take on ?


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2 thoughts on “Musicologist study of Pop perps

  1. rickpotvin

    I’ve read Rense for years. Rense is a problem because he posts articles that indicate that the official story is wrong but he is the world’s champion at leading his readers through all the possible variations on “what really happened”. He NEVER got to Clues/Shack– and never even referred to Clues/Shack even once. I found this…

    Jeff Rense New Radio Broadcast Network – War On You… – Cached – Similar
    Rense had a link up to the smoking-gun movie “September Clues”, but then quickly deleted it off his site — WHY? Did a ‘big boy’ handler from …

    Here’s a site search on Rense for 9/11 with a good sample of his wide net… and nothing about fakery of the whole thing, Clues or SHack.…

    When Rense posts articles about fakery, you find that they’re all “laboured” and “too complicated” with lots of conditions. None of his fakery articles get to the “clean” thesis of Clues/Shack.…

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