America is a war factory

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Hoi Polloi is one of the most lucid writers on what’s going on that I’ve ever read.

America is a war factory. That is its present purpose. Every President gets a war, and every peace time gets its propaganda to set us up for the next one.

I am not saying Americans are heroic enough to even understand that their country is essentially a war factory or that they must boycott the operation at every step of the assembly line, but if they were and they did, is television really going to stifle the insanity of the war profiteers who suddenly lost their means of profit? Has ‘American culture’ matured enough to actually eliminate these slimy fucks and put them out of business once and for all time? Doubtful.

Instead, the war profiteers probably need to have some other sick product that keeps their vampire-like lust for power sated. Like propaganda and simulation tools. Their next big export. That’s why civil war is in the cards, if the world allows America to continue pushing its drug of choice on the global scene (it seems to) and Americans try to do something about it. They will be targeted by the war profiteers. And Americans won’t even know why they are fighting. It will just be to sell to both sides of another artificial conflict that never takes out the crime families.

Which is why the TV will probably continue to rule their lives, and the world at large. Until those in power choose to acquiesce to truth, the semblance of wars will continue and the TV will continue to lie about it all and why it’s happening, which is to profit a handful of families.

I believe wars kill, maim and disperse targeted families and communities in humiliating and terrible ways under a shroud of propaganda. As the shadow of the simulation grows over American consciousness via TV, I don’t like to think what could happen in our ever-widening blind spot. Whether these people are selling a domestic war or a foreign one, we mustn’t buy.

Golly, I hope you’re right that it leads to nothing, and I hope that the simulation is just a replacement product for the poor souls behind the products of war profiteering, and those behind it all are trying to quit the heroin-like drug of war for the more mundane drug of hoaxes.

But since guns are not going to be uninvented, and America isn’t feudal where there’s some kind of 0;honor code” that even remotely resists the mechanical weapon, and we all generally “know as fact” that America was founded on war, genocide and other unpleasantness, and Americans continue to be giddy with bigger, faster, more numerous deaths at the push of a button … what’s happening on TV seems to be a Manson-like provocation to create something very ugly.

So my doubt isn’t in the American people but in just how far the war profiteers are willing to go to continually fan the flames of their main form of profit, which is create conflicts and then sell to both sides.

On the other hand, there are insidiously equally destructive forms of war they can insert if anyone tries to take out the war machine, whether it’s with guerrilla warfare or just passively supporting the security measures being sold to our fear. Humiliation by inspection, security patrols, x-rays, IDs and so on. Which is what has been happening. As of yet, we’ve only seen extortion and robbery of the peoples to create foreign wars to line the pockets of private war profiteers. If America finally succeeds in doing what it should have been doing for the last seven decades and that is shut down the ability for wars to get produced as a product in America, how are those who profit off of war going to take it? Well?

This is what I mean when I say I am concerned. It’s not as if the simulation has no visible effect on people’s mentality. It certainly is a form of terrorism. The media companies are the richest most powerful terrorists on the planet. The reason there is a war against terrorism is because they want a monopoly. Just like the CIA’s war on drugs was to control the drug trades.

You’re right that we should chill, relax and not get stressed out. It’s not in our hands. But there must be a way to stop this in a peaceful manner. And I believe it could be through making people aware of what’s going on, like we are trying to do on this site.

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