Blackberry numbers

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You can open your eyes now  BlackBerry has a  9 a share takeover deal   The Globe and MailThe corporate world, which clearly runs the governments of the world in cooperation with the intelligence world, has a firm fascination with occult numerology.

Under the deal, a Fairfax-led consortium would buy the embattled smartphone maker for $9 (U.S.) a share, above the price before a halt today but well below where the shares stood before they began to melt down on Friday, when the company unveiled a massive second-quarter loss.

via You can open your eyes now: BlackBerry has a $9-a-share takeover deal – The Globe and Mail.

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6 thoughts on “Blackberry numbers

  1. JohnnyClues

    TD Bank to pay $52.5 million in U.S. settlements over Ponzi scheme…

    “The Canadian lender’s TD Bank NA unit was fined $37.5 million by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network”

    “Regulators said that from April 2008 to September 2009, TD Bank violated the federal Bank Secrecy Act by failing to uncover and report in a timely manner suspicious activities in accounts belonging to the law firm where Rothstein ran his $1.2 billion fraud.”

    “FinCEN said it was not until after a 2011 review that TD Bank filed five reports identifying $900 million of suspicious activity involving Rothstein.”

    “In the face of repeated alerts on Mr. Rothstein’s accounts by the bank’s anti-money laundering surveillance software over an 18-month period, the bank did not do enough to prevent the pain and financial suffering of innocent investors,”

    “TD is appealing a separate $67million jury verdict from January 2012 relating to its Rothstein dealings.”

  2. Blue Moon

    Here’s another fiction smothered with numbers- Not sure what the angle is- Fear of being poor/Even if you do save you will lose/You can’t afford dignity so don’t develop any/flippin’ burgers and mopping up after rich guys is dignified (mixed message, that)/ money green hat and apron/ rich and famous isn’t for everyone- the great unseen hands of the PIPS can reach anyone/ They are capricious gods and even a hard working white executive can fall-etc….fear/anxiety-yadda yadda..…

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