Kenyan (Global) PsyOp-era

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I do think -era is a good term for the constant, ongoing, incessant psyOp show going on globally. I always though soap operas were for females. I have 0 interest in who’s doing what to whom on TV, except when it costs me money.

The whole point of the global psyoperas is to cost you money. Whether it is more security at the airports or your local child-mill (school), you pay for it via taxes, bigtime.

Therefore, since the pre-fab imagery is global now, they must make it for a global audience. That’s why you will have simulated victims from every country. You have bought and paid for politicians in every country, singing from the same songbook, too.

John Baird, war mongering global mouthpiece. He is so un-Canadian

We have John Baird, who is screaming daily about terrorism. He is the antithesis of all things Canadian. He is a paid shill that makes me cringe every time he opens his mouth, since no Canadian stands anything he says. I suspect that the average American, especially those that know how they’re being played for fools, does NOT support the anti-human (or anti-Muslim) war activity either.

The global terror scam is global. It’s no different from the globalization of corporatism. It’s a formula and it’s ramping up weekly.

Recognize it, understand it, and speak out against it. It’s wrong and it’s anti-human. Drop the race labels they’re applying and pick up a new label: fakeologist. Realize that the angle is the most important characteristic of these and must be exposed. Once people realize they’re being lied to about who the enemy is, they may realize that THEY are in fact the enemy of their OWN government,

Four explosions and more gunfire have been heard from a mall in Nairobi where Kenyan troops and al-Qaeda-linked militants are battling today over hostages taken in the weekend terror attack that has killed at least 62 people, including two Canadians.

via Kenya mall crisis: More blasts, gunfire heard – World – CBC News.

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