What happened to Steve Jobs?

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Shocking Steve Jobs Illness Pics Might Be FakeNo doubt the story we are told had problems. But why? Didn’t we see him walking around in the (lack of) flesh?

So maybe those tear-jerking pictures of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs looking withered and skeletal were not real after all? A skeptic over at Reddit posted this annotated image as 0;proof” that the pics of Jobs, who stepped down as CEO earlier this week, were manipulated to make him look worse off than he might appear in real life

via Shocking Steve Jobs Illness Pics Might Be Fake.

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Aaron Johnson
9 years ago

I had to really look at this picture closely in order to see that it was altered

9 years ago

hi Ab ! the fact that they tried so hard to make Jobs look sick is a proof in itself, isn’t it ? Jobs was a perfectionnist, probably ready to work hard to “get out” while at the top, so given the choice of looking fat & ugly or looking sick and skinny,,, i guess his decision was pragmatic; a severe fast cause no harm to the body wheras an unhealthy diet does,,, funny that he departed on the same day as his favorite music bands first released single,,, a sign of a new start ? October 5th 1962: The… Read more »