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Cold War PsyOp

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Another very lucid poster at CF, Bostonterrierowner:

Let me share some thoughts on Vietnam war , fake college shootings , Jane Fondas etc.

First of all . What kind of war was it ? Soviet Union was an Anglo-American creation and an obedient puppet propped up by Oligarchic money from the very beginning . I am not convinced by this whole “stopping communism” non sense . If London-NY money interest wanted Vietnam to be capitalist versus socialist it would have been done just by giving an order to its servants in Kremlin . No war needed .

I can see this whole genocidal madness as a pure money grab and a way of utilizing inventories stockpiled with weapons during WWII and early “Cold War” . In the beginning we had the Bolshevik boogeymen and resulting conflicts in Korea and later in Vietnam .

American/Western European public was in constant state of fear of advancing communism , we saw propaganda machine pushing this psyop via Cuban crisis , sputnik , nuclear weapons etc. It was a solid base for future conflicts and so called public opinion was all in favor , American GIs were fighting communists after all . Winning public opinion is very important to the PERPS , they all read Machiavelli and his “Prince” makes it clear that fooling the masses is essential for continuous and fruitful governance/exploitation .

After many years of the involvement in South East Asia it was time to pack the toys and leave . American government couldn’t have just left , doing so could have made it look weak , indecisive , foolish or treacherous and what not . Consequences of such a one side decision might be serious in “power” business .

This is where Jane Fonda and a fake anti war movement comes to play . American government bent down before the giant public uproar , anti war sentiment . This is the official version for retreating from and ‘losing” in Vietnam . One unintended consequence was an emergence of the genuine dissent and anti war activists among American youth . Students for Democratic Society come to mind . These people could one day become dangerous and create a real alternative for the fake 2 party paradigm .

No problem , CIA produced “terrorist” cells like Weathermen to discredit all decent people really protesting the war , pushing drugs and sexual revolution also served the purpose .

Just like you said Hoi , today we are just watching TV counting on some super heroes to get things done for us . Yes we can

via Viet Nam War • Cluesforum.info.

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Kenya wrap up?

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Looks like they’re getting their final occult numbers in. Also looks like they’re getting a new mall out of it.

PsyOp checklist:

  • fear, check.
  • money, check.
  • land clear/rebuilding? Check.
  • demonize Muslims? Check
  • new terror group for headline?  al Shabaab, check.
  • setup new nation for intervention (Somalia?) check.

(Reuters) – Kenya’s president said on Tuesday that his forces had “defeated” Islamists from Somalia’s al Shabaab, had shot five of them dead and detained 11 others suspected of killing 67 people after storming a Nairobi shopping mall.

It remained unclear after Uhuru Kenyatta addressed the nation on television whether the four-day security operation at the upmarket Westgate centre was completely over, or whether any militants were still at large or hostages unaccounted for.

“We have ashamed and defeated our attackers,” Kenyatta said, adding that bodies were still trapped under rubble following the collapse of part of the building late in the operation. A fire began on Monday which officials said was started by the gunmen.

Sixty-one civilians and six security personnel had been confirmed killed in the four days of bloodshed, Kenyatta said. Five of the attackers were shot dead and 11 suspects were in custody: “Kenya has stared down evil and triumphed,” he said.

The president added that he could not confirm intelligence reports that a British woman and two or three Americans might be involved. Forensic scientists were involved in trying to identify the nationalities of the “terrorists”, he said.

“Towards the tail end of the operation, three floors of the Westgate mall collapsed and there are several bodies trapped in the rubble including the terrorists,” he added. The death toll had previously been put by officials at 62.

via Kenya says ‘defeated’ mall militants, five dead, 11 held | Reuters.

Grid shutdown “thriller”

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Drills are the genesis or seeds of most of these psyOps. They are used to legally and logically move the (crisis) actors into place. They are used to move all government/emergency workers into place. Very few except the top directors need know whether a drill is to go live. The contracts and legality are all in place long in advance to keep the players in line and paid, regardless of live or practice.

Knowing all this, it makes sense to track upcoming drills. Since I’ve often repeated that psyOps are most likely legal, they do announce far in advance the time and location and purpose of drills. They may not publicize whether they will go live to anyone, but that changes nothing in the reporting via their media. Remember, it’s legal to lie and deceive via any means, as long as you’re not libeling or slandering (which is civil, not criminal law).

Here is the link to help create a spreadsheet to track these drills:  http://bit.ly/18mHvKE

Here’s the storytellers, who are critical to creating the script for our Hollywool friends, who put the story to “live”.

The drill, scheduled for November, will simulate an attack by an adversary that takes down large sections of the power grid and knocks out vast areas of the continent for weeks.

via Imagining a Cyberattack on the Power Grid – NYTimes.com.

Please help update the sheet! http://bit.ly/18mHvKE


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Knowing the unknown

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Love this quote:

“There are known knowns; there are things we know that we know.
There are known unknowns; that is to say, there are things that we now know we don’t know.
But there are also unknown unknowns – there are things we do not know we don’t know.”
-war profiteer and aspertame peddler Donald Rumsfeld

h/t www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic….

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Mixing moon fact with moon fakery

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Scroll down this list of drool, and you have one fact, point #5. Man did NOT go to the moon.

Created by a fiery planetary explosion about 400 billion years ago, the moon has comforted man for thousands of years. It’s been everything from a god to a compass, and the only cosmic body human beings have ever visited.

via 7 Unusual Myths and Theories About the Moon — HISTORY Lists.

Excellent technique of poisoning the well. Mix fantasy and stupidity with fact. Taints every time!

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Stunning Kenya Imagery

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Some lovely photos from the Kenya PsyOp. I must say even some of the bloodshots are quite good.

The FBI is investigating claims that up to five of the terrorists who killed 68 people in a despicable attack on an upmarket Kenyan shopping mall are Americans, as the the siege moved into its third day with fresh gunfire and explosions reported coming from the center on Monday morning in Nairobi

via Kenya shopping mall attack: Up to 10 hostages still remain inside complex as terror siege enters THIRD day | Mail Online.

best makeup and composition award goes to this one:

Hollywool must be on location (if this isn’t a green screen or composite) not sure if this guy would be standing with a bullet to the heart area from behind.

h/t http://www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?t=1665&p=2387324#p2387324