Cold War PsyOp

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Another very lucid poster at CF, Bostonterrierowner:

Let me share some thoughts on Vietnam war , fake college shootings , Jane Fondas etc.

First of all . What kind of war was it ? Soviet Union was an Anglo-American creation and an obedient puppet propped up by Oligarchic money from the very beginning . I am not convinced by this whole 0;stopping communism” non sense . If London-NY money interest wanted Vietnam to be capitalist versus socialist it would have been done just by giving an order to its servants in Kremlin . No war needed .

I can see this whole genocidal madness as a pure money grab and a way of utilizing inventories stockpiled with weapons during WWII and early 0;Cold War” . In the beginning we had the Bolshevik boogeymen and resulting conflicts in Korea and later in Vietnam .

American/Western European public was in constant state of fear of advancing communism , we saw propaganda machine pushing this via Cuban crisis , sputnik , nuclear weapons etc. It was a solid base for future conflicts and so called public opinion was all in favor , American GIs were fighting communists after all . Winning public opinion is very important to the PERPS , they all read Machiavelli and his “Prince” makes it clear that fooling the masses is essential for continuous and fruitful governance/exploitation .

After many years of the involvement in South East Asia it was time to pack the toys and leave . American government couldn’t have just left , doing so could have made it look weak , indecisive , foolish or treacherous and what not . Consequences of such a one side decision might be serious in “power” business .

This is where Jane Fonda and a fake anti war movement comes to play . American government bent down before the giant public uproar , anti war sentiment . This is the official version for retreating from and ‘losing” in Vietnam . One unintended consequence was an emergence of the genuine dissent and anti war activists among American youth . Students for Democratic Society come to mind . These people could one day become dangerous and create a real alternative for the fake 2 party paradigm .

No problem , CIA produced “terrorist” cells like Weathermen to discredit all decent people really protesting the war , pushing drugs and sexual revolution also served the purpose .

Just like you said Hoi , today we are just watching TV counting on some super heroes to get things done for us . Yes we can

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