Grid shutdown “thriller”

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Drills are the genesis or seeds of most of these psyOps. They are used to legally and logically move the (crisis) actors into place. They are used to move all government/emergency workers into place. Very few except the top directors need know whether a drill is to go live. The contracts and legality are all in place long in advance to keep the players in line and paid, regardless of live or practice.

Knowing all this, it makes sense to track upcoming drills. Since I’ve often repeated that are most likely legal, they do announce far in advance the time and location and purpose of drills. They may not publicize whether they will go live to anyone, but that changes nothing in the reporting via their media. Remember, it’s legal to lie and deceive via any means, as long as you’re not libeling or slandering (which is civil, not criminal law).

Here is the link to help create a spreadsheet to track these drills:

Here’s the storytellers, who are critical to creating the script for our Hollywool friends, who put the story to 0;live”.

The drill, scheduled for November, will simulate an attack by an adversary that takes down large sections of the power grid and knocks out vast areas of the continent for weeks.

via Imagining a Cyberattack on the Power Grid –

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